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a right relationship with Creation

According to Decree 3 of General Congregation 35 (2008) this is the third area in which Jesuits, as servants of Christ, are invited to work.


Care of the environment

affects the quality of our relationships
with God, with other human beings
and with creation itself.

The drive to access and exploit sources
of energy and other natural resources
is very rapidly widening the damage to earth,
air water, and our whole environment.

How to promote studies and practices focusing
on the causes of poverty
and the question of environment’s improvement?

How to use advocacy and research
to serve the poor and those who work
for the protection of environment?

How to invite all people
to appreciate more deeply
our covenant with creation
and to act accordingly
in terms of political responsibility,
employment, family life,
and personal lifestyle?







Offices in the Roman Jesuit Curia
dealing with this mission


The Higher Education Secretariat




The Education Secretariat




The Social Justice and Ecology secretariat

The office exists to support and encourage Jesuits and partners in their work for justice and peace worldwide. Edits the digital review “Promotio Iustitiae” in English, Spanish, French and Italian.