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Unification of Spainish provinces
Fr. General's homily at the Unification of the Spanish procinces ...
Posted: June 22 | details

Hearing the Word of God
Fr. General’s homily in the Madonna della Strada Chapel at Loyola University, Chicago on 12 October 2013 ...
Posted: October 16 | details

Keep Eyes and Heart Open

Jesuit Superior General Tells MAGIS Pilgrims to ‘Keep Eyes, Heart Open’

SALVADOR, Brazil (CNS) — Using the example of a big ...
Posted: July 18 | details

Suffering, Love and Renewal of the world
0n 28 April 2013, at the church of St. Ignatius, Fr. General celebrated Eucharistic with the pilgrims of the Ignatian Lay Communities from various par ...
Posted: April 28 | details

Love is Above All
On 30 September 2012, Fr. General celebrated the Holy Mass in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Kraków. His homily highlights the exemplary ...
Posted: October 2 | details

Give Life to All
The homily of Rev. Fr. General, Adolfo Nicolás, S.J., on the occasion of the feast of St. Ignatius Loyola, Church of Gesu, Rome, 31 July, 2012. Posted: August 5 | details

Learning to Teach for Teaching to Learn
Fr.Norbert Menezes, SJ, originally belonging to Patna province, is currently the secretary for Jesuit Education for South Asia. He holds two Masters ...
Posted: June 15 | details

The Road Map of Hope
Fr. Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator, Provincial of East Africa, evaluate the progress of the province and explores the road map for the future in the light o ...
Posted: May 17 | details

La Compagnie peut rendre un service unique au monde et à l’Afrique
Le Père Eugène Goussikindey est provincial de l’Afrique de l’Ouest, le territoire des anciennes colonies Françaises. Après ses études au Canada il a é ...
Posted: May 3 | details

Re-emphasizing the Jesuit Business of Values
Fr. Joseph Christie, SJ, presently the Director of LIBA (Loyola Institute of Business Administration), Chennai, India, was on a visit to Rome for part ...
Posted: April 3 | details

Featuring the future in Ukraine
Fr. David Nazar, a Jesuit priest of Ukrainian origin, born and brought up in Canada has an incredible experience of practicing faith in two different ...
Posted: March 9 | details

To be the voice for the voiceless
Fr. Xavier Jeyaraj was born in Tamil Nadu, India in 1962 and joined Calcutta Province of the Soceity of Jesus in 1982. As a child, being moved by the ...
Posted: January 13 | details

How could I get better…?
Father Gerald R. Blaszczak (born 1949) was fascinated by the openness, the social involvement, the intellectual search, the real piety and the friends ...
Posted: November 18 | details

Donner espérance, courage, confiance aux Abidjanais
Le Père Anicet N’Teba (né en la RD Congo en 1965) est un jésuite de la Province d’Afrique Centrale. La jeunesse du Père Anicet a été marquée par la pr ...
Posted: July 3 | details

La mémoire et les mains du provincial
Le Père Alex Bassili (° 1945) a passé une bonne partie de sa vie au collège Notre-Dame de Jamhour au Liban, comme élève, scolastique, professeur et vi ...
Posted: April 8 | details

Shaped to the reality by another culture
Father Fernando Fernández Franco (born: San Sebastian, Spain 1941) as a young Jesuit was sent to the Gujarat Province in India. Having received a doct ...
Posted: February 17 | details

Nadie es tan pobre que no pueda ayudar
Padre Jorge Eduardo Serrano-Ordoñez (°51) de la provincia de Colombia ha trabajado 40 años en la pastoral y en el área social en diferentes lugares de ...
Posted: January 19 | details

The joy of seeing God at work in human lives
Father František Hylmar, the "last underground Jesuit", entered the Society of Jesus in former Czechoslovakia some months before the collapse of the c ...
Posted: December 16 | details

El privilegio de poder tener la experiencia de personas tan comprometidas
Padre José Ignacio García Jiménez (°64) de la provincia de Castilla (España) formado en Economía ha trabajado durante dos años con JRS en Malawi con r ...
Posted: November 15 | details

Nous portons les religions traditionnelles en nous
Le Père Mpay Kemboly (° 1967) est un jésuite de la Province d’Afrique Centrale. Il donne des cours de Pensée Africaine et de Philosophie Ancienne à n ...
Posted: September 14 | details

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Fr. General Greets Vietnam Gathering

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Society of Jesus marks 400 years in Vietnam  MP3 file

Fr. General Greets Vietnam Gathering

Fr. General greets the gathering after the concluding Mass of the 400th Jubilee year of the Jesuit presence in Vietnam
Posted: January 26 | Listen now:

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