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    Father General Arturo Sosa visits the Province of Bolivia

    Father Arturo Sosa SJ, Superior General of the Society of Jesus will arrive in Bolivia from July 14-19 where he will participate in various meetings in Santa Cruz, San Ignacio de Mojos, Cochabamba and La Paz.
    The themes to be addressed at the meetings are the strengths and challenges that accompany the current situation of the Society of Jesus as an apostolic body. The Provincial of Bolivia, Fr Osvaldo Chirveches SJ, communicates the news of this visit in the following letter.

    Visit of Fr. Arturo Sosa SJ, Superior General of the Society of Jesus, to Bolivia

    Dear Companions and Collaborators in God's Mission:

    Receive fraternal greetings and the hope that the joy and strength of the Spirit will fill your daily tasks with both service and family.
    I am writing to tell you some encouraging news. Fr. Arturo Sosa SJ, our Superior General, will visit Bolivia in mid-July. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet with him, listen to him and let him know our joys and challenges in this service we share. We are confident that we will be able to nurture each other in the good spirit it brings us and renew our commitment to reconciliation and justice.
    The themes that will be dealt with in the meetings have to do with our strengths and the challenges that accompany our current situation as an apostolic body in Bolivia, namely, we are strong in Education in its varied and diverse modalities, presence in the midst of the native indigenous peoples and in the media, for this reason there are new horizons that we must perceive in order to orient our action in these directions. The challenges come from the life in spirit and service of collaboration between Jesuits and lay people in the Mission, as well as from the world of young people and our presence among them, both to proclaim the faith and to accompany their life processes. As you can see, the presence of Fr. General among us and his words respond to the shared apostolic reality and to our very life as a body. It is up to us to take advantage, in the Ignatian sense of the word, of this privileged time to advance, grow, strengthen and continue the processes in which we are already involved or to perceive and propose the new paths along which we will have to walk from now on, always as a body.
    During his visit Father General will visit the city of Santa Cruz where, in addition to participating in the closing Eucharist of the Fifth American Missionary Congress, he will, on the 14 July participate in a meeting with the media of the Society of Jesus and other media close to our apostolic action with the theme "The current challenges of the Media from the 36th General Congregation of the Society of Jesus." On the 15th there will be a meeting with the young people of the Province's youth and vocation ministry on the theme "Synod of Youth and the importance of networking", with a view to greater coordination in youth work.
    He will visit the roots of the Society of Jesus in San Ignacio de Mojos where he will make contact with the parish movements, the Arajuruana educational work of Fe y Alegría, the youth pastoral groups, the indigenous chapter and participate in the "Andean Amazon Regional Forum", within the general program of the Pan-Amazonian Ecclesial Network (REPAM).
    In Cochabamba, the central theme will be "Jesuit and lay collaboration in the Mission", and he will also meet with his Jesuit companions in a fraternal encounter of mutual knowledge and exchange. There he will also visit the Tertianship community and our older brothers in the community of La Esperanza. On the 17 July at 7:30 p.m., he will preside at the Eucharist in the Church of the Society, to which I invite in a special way all those who consider themselves part of the spirit that we share from the Ignatian spirituality to celebrate that which unites us and to prepare ourselves to continue collaborating in God's Mission.
    His last thematic meeting in Bolivia on "Jesuit Education Today" will take place in the city of La Paz, on the morning of the 18 July, at the San Calixto School organized by the Pedro Arrupe Educational Foundation and Fe y Alegría Bolivia. Before his departure to the Province of Argentina-Uruguay he will visit the Fides clinic in El Alto on the morning of July 19.
    I hope and invite you to follow the contributions and challenges that Fr. Arturo Sosa SJ will leave us in one way or another, in person, through the media or through our website. If you wish to receive the newsletter of this visit, we will gladly send it to you in the first days of August, so please be so kind as to request it from socioboljesuitas.org.bo.
    We have seen fit to appoint a spokesperson to be contacted by all the media that require information about this visit of Fr General. So I ask both Jesuits and lay people from our institutions to direct any questions or possible interviews to Fr Sergio Montes SJ. This is to take care of a single source of information for this valuable time for our apostolic body.
    We are already looking forward to this moment of encounter and we are counting on your presence to share it and to make the most of it for our daily life and service to the Kingdom as Church. We wish to be an apostolic body, with our eyes open to this reality in which God is already at work and invites us to collaborate with Him in this effort to make the Kingdom possible in Bolivia. Count on my prayer and companionship.


    Fr. Osvaldo Chirveches, SJ
    Provincial Society of Jesus Bolivia

    The Jesuit university should be a source of reconciled life – Fr Arturo Sosa

    The universities of the Society of Jesus should be "deeply committed to the processes of reconciliation," says Father General Arturo Sosa. Father General Arturo Sosa said this while addressing the International Association of Jesuit Universities in the Basilica of St Ignatius at Loyola, Spain.
    Father Sosa said the Society of Jesus has found that the university is "a formidable space to put into practice the mission received from and inspired by the Gospel, to determinedly promote social justice and environmental sustainability through dialogue with cultures and religions."
    Regarding the intellectual apostolate, Father Sosa said "intellectual work is apostolate when it is carried out in the open, not locked in a cabinet or within the comfort of its own certainties."
    Father Sosa also invited the Jesuit universities to remain loyal to the Jesuit education tradition. "Being loyal to our tradition means creatively responding to the signs of the times." He went on to say "Experiencing the tension of creative loyalty is profound demand of the magis of the spirituality that inspires us." To handle those tensions, Jesuit universities rely on an identity that leads them to "bind people's live to a more humane world, advocating justice and reconciliation among individuals, peoples and the environment."

    A foundational moment in a foundational place – Loyola, Spain

    Father General Arturo Sosa officially signed the charter establishing the International Association of Jesuit Universities (IAJU) on 11 July 2018, at Loyola, Spain. The charter was also signed by the Secretary for Higher Education, Fr Michael Garanzini, and representatives from each of the six Jesuit conferences.
    Welcoming the 300 participants of the IAJU meeting to Loyola, Fr Ignacio Echarte (former Secretary of the Society), reminded the gathering that "this is where it all started 500 years ago." The Sanctuary of Loyola, built around the Loyola family Tower House, is the spiritual center of the region and a foundational reference for the Ignatian family worldwide.

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