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Ignatian and Jesuit Sites in Rome

The following guide offers a brief introduction to the principal sites that a visitor to Rome could enjoy seeing to get a sense of the final years of the life of St. Ignatius Loyola and the first years of the Society of Jesus which he founded.

This guide is intended primarily for visitors to Rome, but it also paints a vivid picture of the life of Ignatius during his final years when the Society of Jesus came into being.

Much of the information in this guide comes from Landmarking: City, Church and Jesuit Urban Strategy, by Father Thomas M Lucas, S.J., (Chicago: Loyola Press, 1997). This very informative book has a wealth of information not only on Ignatius' Rome, but also on the implications of the careful manner in which Ignatius chose locations for Jesuit institutions around the world.

Additional information comes from the booklet, Roma Ignatiana, In the footsteps of Saint Ignatius, which is available from the Press and Information Office of the Curia Generalis in Rome (Borgo S. Spirito 4).

The guide itself is divided into three groups of sites. The first comprises the central sites between the Gesu and the Church of St. Ignatius; these are all close together. The second set are sites within the historical center of Rome, but still within walking distance. The third group has sites that are further off and will probably be visited one at a time; they can be easily reached by bus or subway.

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Key sites near the Gesú

  • Piazza del Gesu
  • Casa del Gesu
  • The Rooms of Ignatius
  • Chiesa del Gesu
  • Near the Gesu
  • Collegio Romano
  • Chiesa di Sant' Ignazio

    Sites within the historical center of Rome:

  •     Pantheon
  •     Palazzo della Sapienza
  •     Ospedale di San Giacomo degli Spagnoli
  •     Palazzo Madama
  •     Palazzo Delfini
  •     I Banchi
  •     Ponte Sisto
  •     Castel Sant' Angelo
  •     Palazzo Apostolico
  •     San Pietro in Vaticano
  •     Monastario di San Pietro in Montorio

    Individual sites:

  •     San Andrea al Quirinale
  •     Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore
  •     Basilica di San Paolo Fuori le Mura
  •     Rocca-Pia
  •     La Storta