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a right relationship with God

According to Decree 3 of General Congregation 35 (2008) this is the first area in which Jesuits, as servants of Christ, are invited to work.
How to help people today in their struggle to find meaning for their lives in a dominant culture marked by subjectivism, moral relativism, hedonism and practical materialism?

How to maintain in all our ministries a continuing dialogue and reflection on the relationship between faith and reason, culture and morality, and faith and society?

How to help people in a world of many religions and cultures to develop a harmonious Christian life?
The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius
are still today of invaluable assistance to many of our contemporaries.




Offices in the Roman Jesuit Curia
dealing with this mission


The Ignatian Spirituality Secretariat

promotes Ignatian spirituality in all our works and ministries. It serves as link between more than 250 Spirituality Centres and 30 Spirituality Reviews world-wide. Edits the Review of Ignatian Spirituality in English, Spanish and French.



The Secretariat for Ecumenical & Inter-religious Dialogue

For the ecumenical and interreligious dialogue these Dialogue Advisors have been appointed:

For the Ecumenical dialogue with other Christian communities:

   - Oriental churches: Milan Zust (Slovenia) member of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity

   - Protestants: Thomas Rausch (California, USA) professor of theology , Loyola Marymount University Los Angeles.

For the Inter-religious Dialogue:

   - Judaism: Jean-Pierre Sonnet (Belgium) Professor Hebrew Bible, Gregorian University, Rome

   - Islam: Christian Troll, Emeritus professor, Sankt Georgen, Frankfurt, Germany

   - Buddhism: Aloysius Pieris, Director, Tulana Research Center, Colombo, Sri Lanka

   - Hinduism: Noel Sheth,  Professor, Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth, Pune, India

   - Indigenous religions in the Americas: Xavier Albó, CIPCA, La Paz, Bolivia

   - Indigenous religions in Africa : Kemboly Mpay, Professor, Philosophy Faculty, Kinshasa, DR Congo


These advisors constitute the Secretariat for Ecumenical & Inter-religious Dialogue for the Society. The Secretariat is a consultative group conversant with the ongoing dialogues among diverse faith communities. Each advisor remains in his present work and location rather than moving to Rome. All the advisors will gather in Rome once a year to meet together with Father General for discussions on developments in ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue, and the Society's involvement in them. Each advisor is appointed for a term of three years.



The Apostleship of Prayer - AoP

The Apostleship of Prayer may be defined as an association of the faithful that helps Christians unite their prayers and their lives to the prayer and the mission of the universal Church, of which the Holy Father’s general and missionary intentions remind us every year.



The Christian Life Communities - CLC

The Christian Life Community is an international association of Christians: men and women, adults and young people, of all social conditions, who want to follow Jesus Christ more closely and work with Him for the building of the Kingdom. Members from small groups, which are part of larger communities organised regionally and nationally, all forming ONE World Community. The CLC is presently on all five continents, in nearly sixty countries.