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Promotio Iustitiae
At the service of Faith that does Justice   

Promotio Iustitiae n° PJ110 2013/1

The last two years have seen the development within the Society of what we call the Global Ignatian Advocacy Networks (GIAN). The five existing networks are centered on Ecology, Right to Education, Governance of Natural and Mineral Resources, Migration, and Peace and Human Rights. This issue is completely dedicated to the Global Ignatian Advocacy Networks. Along with other articles, it includes the position documents of these networks and a summary of what they are currently doing where their plans for the future can also be found.

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Promotio Iustitiae n° 106, 2011/2

'Healing a Broken World' describes the rationale of establishing the Task Force on Jesuit Mission and Ecology (July-November 2010), the general vision that animates its analysis and recommendations, the context of the world, the Church and the Society of Jesus today, the relationship of 'reconciliation with creation' with faith, justice, inter-religious and cultural dialogue, and finally proposes a set of practical recommendations.

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