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The educational work of the Society of Jesus should be characterized by an Intellectual Apostolate – Fr Sosa

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Father General asks the media to report with love

We cannot stay out of the great dialogues of our time – Father General Arturo Sosa

Father General Arturo Sosa, S.J. | Conversations with America Magazine - The Jesuit Review
Father General Arturo Sosa announces the creation of Jesuit Province of Canada
Father General Arturo Sosa at Loyola High School
Today in History

17 August

1773/ Frederik II of Prussia and Catherine of Russia forbade the publication of the Brief of Suppression in their dominions.

1841/ The death of S.G. Charles Odescalchi (1786-1841), a cardinal of the Church who waited 20 years to become a Jesuit. He was one of the first to apply to enter the Society after it was restored in 1814, but family pressure and papal resistance kept him from doing so. In 1823 he was named a cardinal and consecrated archbishop of Ferrara, and later was appointed the vicar of Pope Gregory XVI for the diocese of Rome. Finally Odescalchi’s ill health led the pope to permit him to enter the novitiate, which he did in 1838. After he pronounced his vows, he served as spiritual father to young Jesuits at the seminary in Modena.

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