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Rome - Presentation of Repam, a Church network on the Panamazonia

On March 2nd the Repam, Church Network on the Panamazonia, was presented at the Vatican on a press conference, with the participation of Cardinal Turkson, President of the Pontifical Council for Peace and Justice. This network wants to establish a collaboration among dioceses and Church organizations in the whole region. Jesuits of the Pan Amazonian project are also promoting Repam. Read more...

Africa - Meeting in Nairobi on Faith and Justice

African Jesuits organised a meeting in Kenya from 20-21 February 2015, entitled Renewing our commitment to "a faith that does justice". The attendants, representing a number of works of the Society, gathered from all over the continent to share their experiences and reflect on how social justice is a key constituent of our mission and apostolic endeavours in Africa today. At the end they elaborated a press release .

USA - Jesuits offer spiritual retreats for the homeless

Jesuit Father Bill Creed and Ed Shurna, executive director of the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, formed the Ignatian Spirituality Project (ISP) in 1998 to provide Ignatian retreats to men and women who are homeless and in recovery from addiction.
ISP is now a national network with overnight retreat programs in 26 cities across the United States and Canada. Asia Pacific - A Lenten proposal from Cambodia

The Jesuits in Cambodia have proposed a fast from pollution this Lent. Why pollution? Their response is that "Pollution weakens our bodies and makes us vulnerable to many diseases such as diarrhoea, chest infections, cancers, respiratory and heart diseases. In addition, those who are more exposed are the poor, due to their already limited access to clean water, clean food and clean air. The poor suffer first." Read more...

India - Bagaicha: Fostering People's Leadership

Between 15 and 18 January 2015, a three-day training of trainers was held at Bagaicha, Namkum, Ranchi. It was an intensive workshop that aimed at fostering and promoting people's leadership. The trainer was Fr Stanislaus Jebamalai ,Secretary for Social Action in South Asia. At least 35 people from the tribal belt took part in the training. Read more...

Croatia - Volunteer Centre opened in Zagreb

In the early autumn of 2014 a Volunteer Centre was opened in Zagreb as a part of the SKAC (Student Catholic Centre), directed by Fr. Ivan Manduric. Its formal establishment was encouraged by the extensive formation of volunteers for the Modrave youth summer camp.One of the main aims of the Student Catholic Center is to promote volunteering through the complete formation of young people enabling them to participate actively in society. Hundreds of young people rely on SKAC and visit the centre every day, to learn and to grow as individuals. The main areas of intervention are the streets of Zagreb where the needy persons and the homeless live. The centre also assists abandoned children, the elderly, and the infirm. Read more...

India - Jesuits support the dalits' struggle for land

Forty dalit families (from the Musahar community) in the state of Bihar were allotted homestead land in 2004 by the state government but were never granted possession of it. The dalits, together with a few Jesuits in Patna province, organized themselves to demand possession of the land from the district administration. On 13th February, when they tried to occupy the land with the support of the police and administration, they faced much opposition from the upper castes who did not want the dalits to have their own land. The struggle of the people goes on partially without achieving the target. Read more...

India - Jesuit released from abduction

Fr. Alexis Prem Kumar was released on Sunday, 22 February and has since returned to his native India. Father Kumar, the country director of JRS for Afghanistan, was kidnapped on 2nd June 2014 when he was on a visit to a school for Afghan refugee children from Iran and Pakistan, 34 km away from Herat. Fr. Stan Fernandes, JRS's regional director in South Asia, expresses his appreciation for the good efforts of all who strove hard to secure his release and gratitude in the regards of all who fervently prayed for father Alexis. To learn more... To watch Fr Kumar's video...

Global - Global Catholic Climate Movement launched

The Global Catholic Climate Movement, a collaboration of Catholic organizations and leaders from different parts of the world, was launched last 14 January 2015 with a statement presented to Pope Francis during his papal visit to the Philippines. Ecojesuit and Reconciliation with Creation of the Jesuit Conference Asia Pacific are part of this growing movement, which can still be joined. In their statement, the movement is calling for prayer and action among the world's Catholic population, making it the first time that such a global movement of Catholics gathers to work t

Korea - Peace Conference on Jeju Island

Resistance to the construction of a naval base at Gangjeong on Jeju Island, South Korea, continues although the base is already under construction. The Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes are a UNESCO World Heritage site. The most recent significant effort was the Gangjeong Peace Conference and Peace Festival organized by the Jesuit Research Centre for Advocacy and Solidarity (JAS) at the Seoguipo Catholic Parish and Gangjeong Village. Read more...

Africa - Ecological responses from Africa: A renewed call for commitment to safeguard creation

The Jesuit African Social Centers Network is responding to ecological concerns in the region by promoting awareness among Jesuits and their collaborators about ecology, supporting interest in the field of ecology, and encouraging transformative education to create responsible attitudes to safeguard Creation. The network is composed of 30 social centers of the Jesuits of Africa and Madagascar (JESAM) Social Apostolate, and for which ecology is one of the six themes identified where activities are focused. Three activities in November and December 2014 were undertaken to assist the network in their continuing work and focus on ecology. To learn more...

USA - Jesuit Conference condemns anti-immigrant amendments

The Jesuit Conference has condemned the anti-immigrant amendments made by the House of Representatives to the Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act that were added in mid January. In response to the House's actions, Jesuit Conference President, Father Timothy Kesicki, SJ, made the following statement: "As Jesuits, we assess every piece of legislation through the lens of whether or not it improves the lives of the poor and marginalized, or whether it further undermines the justice they seek and deserve. Unfortunately, the legislation introduced in the House of Representatives does not meet that standard..." Read more ...

India - "India Today": the reality and the social action response

The Jesuits in Social Action of the West Zone in India organize their annual meeting addressing the situation of India at present and looking for new Jesuit responses. They meet at a crucial time when not only minorities but also the majority community (most of whom are secular) and the democratic ethos of the country seem to be threatened.

Latin America - Educational materials promoting hospitality

The Campaign for Hospitality, jointly carried out by the Jesuit Network with Migrants of Latin America, has distributed a guide to educational activities, with the aim that children and young people, to whom the campaign is addressed, become aware of the reality of migrants, refugees and displaced people. This initiative represents also an opportunity to discover the richness of cultural diversity and multiculturalism and to commit oneself to accept and respect all people. Read more...

Europe - Reflecting on the European emissions trading system

Ecojesuit has published an article in which they explain and evaluate the European emissions trading system. This scheme sets a "cap," a limit that is established as the total amount of certain greenhouse gases that may be emitted by factories, power plants, and other emitting installations. Companies receive emissions allowances that are limited by the cap, and these allowances then may be "traded," which means sold or bought by one from another as needed.

Latin America - Campaign for Hospitality

On the occasion of the International Migrants Day last 18th December the Campaign for Hospitality that was launched a year ago in Latin America, has prepared a song, "Migrar" (Migrate) to raise awareness about the rights and dignity of migrants. You can listen to the song on Youtube and read the declaration they issued.

India - Human Rights Day in Ahmedabad

The 66th International Human Rights Day was observed on 10th December 2014 in Ahmedabad with a public rally which brought together several citizens from all walks of life. The citizens came together to raise their voice in demanding human rights for all, very specially for the poor and the marginalised and other vulnerable sections of society like women and children. To know more...

Rome - Promotio Iustitiae 117: Martyrs for Justice

The new PJ issue renders homage to those Jesuits who gave their lives defending the poor and promoting justice. The issue collects a short number of narratives from various countries in which Jesuits were killed. The stories are profoundly moving because of the suffering they recount, because of the solidarity they express, and because they summon us to give ourselves over to the poor just as the martyrs did. At the end of the issue, some information about all the Jesuits who have been killed violently is provided. Click here to download PJ 117.

United Kingdom - Supporting victims of modern slavery

The Jesuits in Britain are supporting the victims of human trafficking by donating funds raised at Christmas and Easter. The collections at Farm Street Church will go towards the appeal to support victims of Human Trafficking, the Bakhita House Project, and the work of other charities, to support victims and to help with the prevention of this form of modern slavery. Learn more...

Rome - "No longer slaves, but brothers and sisters"

This was the title of the message of Pope Francis for the celebration of the Word Day of Peace on 1 January 2015. He focused on the abominable and growing phenomenon of man's exploitation by man, "which leads to contempt for the fundamental rights of others and to the suppression of their freedom and dignity", and takes many forms. He called to forge interpersonal relations marked by respect, justice and love. Here you have the message...