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Global - Launch of

The Global Ignatian Advocacy Network (GIAN) on the Right to Education has launched on 13 April the website also on Facebook and Twittter as a workspace where Jesuits along with collaborators engaged in the defense and promotion of the Right to Education share their experiences and work together to encourage awareness-raising actions, advocacy relations, dialogue with decision makers, the education field regarding the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. You can also see a video presenting this initiative.

India - Climate Change and Water disasters

The St. Xavier's (Kolkata) Global Earth Summit IV, having the subject "Global Climate Change and Water Disasters" took place on March 27-29, 2015 in Dhyan Ahram, Konchowki. The event, in correspondence with Pope Francis' call for a spirit of solidarity, was organized by the Department of Environmental Science, St. Xavier's College, Kolkata, in cooperation with the Global Ignatian Advocacy Network (GIAN)on Ecology, for South Asia. Many Jesuit Fathers engaged in teaching and fighting the ill effects of Climate Change from around the world, attended the conference, together with teachers and students of the St. Xavier's College. Read more

Global - GNMR report on the impacts of mining

The Global Ignatian Advocacy Network on Mining (GNMR) has distributed a report prepared by Esade University authors Clara Tora, Laura Tora and Josep F. Maria Serrano, in cooperation with Sister Sheila Kinsey, coordinator of the Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation Office of the Wheaton Franciscans. The report analyses data gathered by Sr Sheila and examines the scope for an international network to support and strengthen the relationship between advocates at different levels (local, national, continental, global) and persons working on mining issues at the local level. To read the report...

USA - Climate Change & Jesuit Higher Education

The second annual Climate Change Conference, organized by Loyola University in Chicago, took place on 19 March at Mundelein Center Auditorium. The conference focused on the implications of paying attention to earth and safeguarding creation ("tending earth") through an interdisciplinary reflection on the ethical principles, policies, and actions, needed to combat the crisis of global climate change. Read more...

India - Document "Weaving hopes after disasters"

The Indian Social Institute in New Delhi has published an extensive document on the rehabilitation and emergency relief programs, carried out in response to the natural disasters that have occurred in India during the last twenty years. The publication "Weaving hopes after disasters" is a study from the perspective of the beneficiaries, a summary of reflections and suggestions of the persons affected by disasters, with the aim to provide valuable material for humanitarian and emergency intervention agencies. Download the document.

Asia Pacific - Increasing collaboration responding to natural disasters

The Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific is developing a protocol that outlines steps for Jesuits in responding to disasters in this part of the world. Responses to catastrophic events are collaborative in nature, joining local efforts and guiding important international support. This is an ongoing process with other organisations and there is much learning from the experiences of Jesuits on the ground. The effort is also to find ways to collaborate across different phases in disaster risk reduction and management that demand a wider range of coordination beyond disaster. Read more...

Honduras - The Voice of the People

La Voz Del Pueblo (Voice of the People) is an 18-minute documentary exploring violence and injustice in Honduras through the perspective of journalists at a Jesuit-run radio station, Radio Progreso. It was released last March. The release coincided with the thirty-fifth anniversary of Archbishop Oscar Romero's murder in neighboring El Salvador. The release is a collaborative effort of America Media, Ignatian Solidarity Network, and the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States. Read more...

Lisbon - Social assembly in Portugal

The Social Assembly of the Portuguese Jesuit Province works, took place on February 20th and 21st in Lisbon. The initiative gathered more than 70 collaborators and volunteers of the several social institutions and movements of the Province, such as the social area of the colleges and of the parishes, JRS, a community center for refugees, an association of prison visitors, holiday camps movements, the foundation for the missionary projects, etc.. This Social Assembly had a triple goal: to grow in sharing experiences and good practices; to improve the sense of community; and to deepen the know-how on Ignatian spirituality, that is the common ground for all our work. Read more...

Europe - Migrations in Europe

On 25 February CeiMigra social centre presented in Valencia the 7th Annual Report on Migration and Integration: "Towards a Europe of inclusion and hospitality". It's a picture of the reality of immigration in Spain and Valencia. The report also provides an analysis on racism and xenophobia in Europe, and specifically on the new radical populism. It finally analyzes the current boom in citizen participation processes through three good practices worldwide: institutions of higher education in Mexico, the Take Part initiative in UK, or Time banks in many countries. Read more...

USA and Canada - Standing against irresponsible mining

At a historic hearing before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, last 19 March, bishops representing the Latin American Episcopal Conference, CELAM, testified on the effects of exploitative practices of mining and extractive industries on communities and the environment in Latin America. The bishops urged that U.S. and Canadian mining companies be held accountable to laws and standards that protect local economies, the environment, indigenous communities and vulnerable groups even when operating outside of the country. To learn more...

Rome - Presentation of Repam, a Church network on the Panamazonia

On March 2nd the Repam, Church Network on the Panamazonia, was presented at the Vatican on a press conference, with the participation of Cardinal Turkson, President of the Pontifical Council for Peace and Justice. This network wants to establish a collaboration among dioceses and Church organizations in the whole region. Jesuits of the Pan Amazonian project are also promoting Repam. Read more...

Africa - Meeting in Nairobi on Faith and Justice

African Jesuits organised a meeting in Kenya from 20-21 February 2015, entitled Renewing our commitment to "a faith that does justice". The attendants, representing a number of works of the Society, gathered from all over the continent to share their experiences and reflect on how social justice is a key constituent of our mission and apostolic endeavours in Africa today. At the end they elaborated a press release .

USA - Jesuits offer spiritual retreats for the homeless

Jesuit Father Bill Creed and Ed Shurna, executive director of the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, formed the Ignatian Spirituality Project (ISP) in 1998 to provide Ignatian retreats to men and women who are homeless and in recovery from addiction.
ISP is now a national network with overnight retreat programs in 26 cities across the United States and Canada. Asia Pacific - A Lenten proposal from Cambodia

The Jesuits in Cambodia have proposed a fast from pollution this Lent. Why pollution? Their response is that "Pollution weakens our bodies and makes us vulnerable to many diseases such as diarrhoea, chest infections, cancers, respiratory and heart diseases. In addition, those who are more exposed are the poor, due to their already limited access to clean water, clean food and clean air. The poor suffer first." Read more...

India - Bagaicha: Fostering People's Leadership

Between 15 and 18 January 2015, a three-day training of trainers was held at Bagaicha, Namkum, Ranchi. It was an intensive workshop that aimed at fostering and promoting people's leadership. The trainer was Fr Stanislaus Jebamalai ,Secretary for Social Action in South Asia. At least 35 people from the tribal belt took part in the training. Read more...

Croatia - Volunteer Centre opened in Zagreb

In the early autumn of 2014 a Volunteer Centre was opened in Zagreb as a part of the SKAC (Student Catholic Centre), directed by Fr. Ivan Manduric. Its formal establishment was encouraged by the extensive formation of volunteers for the Modrave youth summer camp.One of the main aims of the Student Catholic Center is to promote volunteering through the complete formation of young people enabling them to participate actively in society. Hundreds of young people rely on SKAC and visit the centre every day, to learn and to grow as individuals. The main areas of intervention are the streets of Zagreb where the needy persons and the homeless live. The centre also assists abandoned children, the elderly, and the infirm. Read more...

India - Jesuits support the dalits' struggle for land

Forty dalit families (from the Musahar community) in the state of Bihar were allotted homestead land in 2004 by the state government but were never granted possession of it. The dalits, together with a few Jesuits in Patna province, organized themselves to demand possession of the land from the district administration. On 13th February, when they tried to occupy the land with the support of the police and administration, they faced much opposition from the upper castes who did not want the dalits to have their own land. The struggle of the people goes on partially without achieving the target. Read more...

India - Jesuit released from abduction

Fr. Alexis Prem Kumar was released on Sunday, 22 February and has since returned to his native India. Father Kumar, the country director of JRS for Afghanistan, was kidnapped on 2nd June 2014 when he was on a visit to a school for Afghan refugee children from Iran and Pakistan, 34 km away from Herat. Fr. Stan Fernandes, JRS's regional director in South Asia, expresses his appreciation for the good efforts of all who strove hard to secure his release and gratitude in the regards of all who fervently prayed for father Alexis. To learn more... To watch Fr Kumar's video...

Global - Global Catholic Climate Movement launched

The Global Catholic Climate Movement, a collaboration of Catholic organizations and leaders from different parts of the world, was launched last 14 January 2015 with a statement presented to Pope Francis during his papal visit to the Philippines. Ecojesuit and Reconciliation with Creation of the Jesuit Conference Asia Pacific are part of this growing movement, which can still be joined. In their statement, the movement is calling for prayer and action among the world's Catholic population, making it the first time that such a global movement of Catholics gathers to work t

Korea - Peace Conference on Jeju Island

Resistance to the construction of a naval base at Gangjeong on Jeju Island, South Korea, continues although the base is already under construction. The Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes are a UNESCO World Heritage site. The most recent significant effort was the Gangjeong Peace Conference and Peace Festival organized by the Jesuit Research Centre for Advocacy and Solidarity (JAS) at the Seoguipo Catholic Parish and Gangjeong Village. Read more...