Institutum Historicum Societatis Iesu (IHSI)

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Books Series

Monumenta Historica Societatis Iesu (MHSI)

The most historic series of IHSI, Monumenta began in Madrid in 1894 and transferred to Rome in 1930, with the establishment of the Institutum Historicum Societatis Iesu (IHSI). There are over 150 volumes in the series, with future volumes restricted now to series already established, such as Monumenta Borgia and Monumenta Sinica.

Monumenta Historica Societatis Iesu (MHSI), nova series

Established in 2005, the new series principally publishes primary source material, in the form of critical editions, reprints, and translations of Jesuit historical writings across a broad range of themes.

Bibliotheca Instituti Historici Societatis Iesu (BIHSI)

This series is devoted to monographs and edited essay collections on the history and culture of the Society of Jesus. The series was established in 1941 and so far over 70 volumes have been published.

Subsidia ad Historiam Societatis Iesu (SHSI)

The Subsidia series comprises various research tools for Jesuit history: catalogues of persons, specialized bibliographies, and archival indices. The series was established in 1957.