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Fondo Gesuitico Collegia


The inventory of Fondo Gesuitico Collegia (prepared by Pio Pecchiai in 1938-39) is available.

The series "Collegia" (16th to 18th centuries) refers to different institutions of the Society of Jesus across the world.

These include:

• Colleges (non-residential and residential) for the instruction of boys (bourgeois and noble, secondary level and university level)
• Professed houses
• Houses of formation for Jesuits
• Seminaries;
• Residences

The inventory is multilingual following the original title of the documents (Italian, Latin, Spanish, German, etc.).Where there was no title in the original document, a heading in Italian has been used.

The "Collegia" series is almost entirely digitalized. The digital version is based on conversion of microfilms with the ensuing technical limits. Hence reproduction requests will be processed only for an entire folder, not for single documents.


Indipetae (1583-1773) - Index  


The Indipetae were letters addressed by individual Jesuits to Father General requesting to be sent to work in the mission areas outside Europe. About 14,000 of these autograph letters (pre-1773) are held in ARSI. There are also Indipetae for the post-1814 era.  For an Index (for years 1583-1773) click here.

Opera Nostrorum


La sezione Opera Nostrorum (480 nn.) è una raccolta di opere di scrittori gesuiti, trattati teologici, ascetici, storici, letterari (con l'inclusione di alcuni epistolari). Si tratta di una collezione eterogenea per lo più di opere staccate. Vi hanno tuttavia trovato posto collane di grande pregio che fanno capo ad una personalità di rilievo. Per citarne solo alcune: i trattati teologici e spirituali del P. Giacomo Lainez (nn. 72-83 e 208-209); raccolte abbondanti di consultazioni del Card. Gio. De Lugo (nn. 158- 160); il fondo S. Roberto Bellarmino, trattati e carteggi (nn. 230-251); il lascito del Card. Sforza Pallavicina (nn. 270-278); il rinomato e molto sfruttato fondo Antonio Possevino (nn. 313-339); il lascito del convertito svedese Lorenzo Thyulen (1746-1831, nn. 381-387); alcuni di questi gruppi avevano costituito dei fondi minori autonomi. Come curiosità spicca fra i nn. 343 e 350, una piccola collana di testi arabici.

  For an Index click here.

Fondo Apostolato della preghiera (1847 - 1969)


This fond contains the materials of the movement ‘Apostleship of Prayer’, founded 3 Dec. 1844 by François-Xavier Gautrelet SJ (1807-86) in the Jesuit formation house of Vals-près-le-Puy (Haute-Loire, France). Henri Ramière SJ, director-general from 1861-1884, defined the movement as ‘a league of zeal and of prayer in union with the Sacred Heart of Jesus’. The movement spread throughout the Catholic world, and this is reflected in the documents.

The Inventory presented here (it is in Italian) is of the older part of the fond (‘Sezione antica’). This Inventory is in two parts: the first contains the description of the documents, while the second is the Index, divided according to entities, persons, places and other entries.
Regarding the structure of the fond and other relevant information, please see the Introduction to the Inventory.

Inventario Apostolato della Preghiera - sezione antica

Indici Apostolato della Preghiera - sezione antica

Inventario Apostolato della Preghiera - sezione moderna Vol I (1 - 292)

Inventario Apostolato della Preghiera - sezione moderna Vol II (293 - 543)

Indici Apostolato della Preghiera - sezione moderna

Inventario Apostolato della Preghiera - sezione iconografica Vol I (1 - 532)

Inventario Apostolato della Preghiera - sezione iconografica Vol II (533 - 1077)


Fondo 'P. Jan Philip Roothaan SJ' (1785-1853) 


The fond comprises autograph materials, corrispondence and other documents pertaining to P. Jan Philip Roothaan SJ (1785-1853), XXI superior general of the Society of Jesus from 1829 to 1853.

The fond contains 1829 items conserved in 69 folders which are grouped in 16 containers. The Inventory presented here (it is in Italian) is in two volumes, containing the description of the documents, together with a third volume which is the Index. This arrangement in two volumes mirrors the internal structure of the fond: the first volume describe the sections ‘Vita e notizie biografiche’, together with ‘ Scritti filosofici, teologici, umanistici’; the second volume contains the section ‘Corrispondenza e miscellanea’.

The documentation spans the years from 1804, when P. Roothaan entered the Jesuit novitiate at Daugavpils (Dunaburg) in Latvia, to his death in 1853. It also includes some documents arising from the institutional activity of Roothaan as superior general of the Society of Jesus from 9 July 1829 to his death on 8 May 1853.

The fond includes documents up to 1945 added to the original materials in the course of numerous archival interventions. Thus the fond has the character of a ‘collection’, due to the work of P. Giuseppe Maria Manfredini SJ, personal secretary and biographer of Roothaan. In the second half of the 19 th century Manfredini gathered documents and testimonies to be used in preparing a biography of Roothaan.

Languages of the documents: Italian, Latin, German, Dutch, Greek, Polish, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese (one document) and Hebrew (one document).

The fond has been digitized in its entirety.

ARSI acknowledges the generous support of the Father Roothaan Society in undertaking this project.

Vol. I Vita - Scritti filosofici

Vol. II Corrispondenza e miscellanea

Vol. III Indice


A Guide to Jesuit Archives


Father Thomas McCoog SJ has published a useful book, A Guide to Jesuit Archives (St Louis, MO, 2001), that describes the collections of contemporary Jesuit archives all over the world, and how to contact them.

A Guide to Jesuit Archives A Guide to Jesuit Archives opens up and enhances research opportunities around the world for historians, linguists, theologians, anthropologists, philosophers, specialists in the natural and physical sciences, to name but a few areas in which this book will be of assistance. The Guide presents data on the official archives of the 90 provinces and independent regions of the Society of Jesus on every continent as well as data on the central or Roman Archives of the Society.
In response to a questionnaire of 18 items sent in five languages--English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish--the archivists of these collections responded with data on location (address, telephone fax, e-mail) historical background, conditions of use, acquisitions policies and a description of the nature and extent of the archival material in the repositories. All the data in response to questionnaire are presented in this book in English as well as in the languages in which the replies were originally sent.
A Guide to Jesuit Archives is the first joint publication of the Institutum Historicum Societatis Iesu (Rome) and the Institute of Jesuit Sources (St. Louls) and may be obtained from either entity. The American price is $20 (plus postage) and the European price Euros 22 (plus postage).

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The Institute of Jesuit Sources
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