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Glossary; Historical synopsis


The "Jesuit Glossary" by W. Gramatowski is a brief guide to the terms and roles appearing in the historic documents of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) which are conserved in ARSI.

For a synopsis in Latin of the history of the Society of Jesus (1540-1940), and for lists of leading officials (1540-1940), see Synopsis historiae Societatis Iesu (Lovanii, 1950).



  • P. Ludwig Carrez SJ, Atlas Geographicus Societatis Iesu [Paris] (1900). An atlas of the geography of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits): a series of maps (with indications in Latin) giving the organization and development of the assistancies and provinces of the Society of Jesus from its origins until the end of the 19th century. For a searchable PDF:click here

  • For a list of the residences of the Society of Jesus (1540-1773), giving placenames in Latin and French, with the year of foundation, see Alfred Hamy SJ, Documents pour server a l’histoire des domiciles de la Compagnie de Jésus dans le monde entier de 1540 a 1773 (Paris) [1892]. A digitalized version by Boston College is available here...

  • The reference work Data Chronologica Originis et Evolutionis Regionum [et] Provinciarum is an essential guide for the study of the documents of the New Society.

    The archive of the New Society is organized geographically according to the various Provinces. Regarding the documentation of a particular Mission, or Region, or Vice-Province, it is necessary to establish to which Province it belonged, in order to search under the relevant Province.

    The Catalogs too are organized by Province. Thus this reference work (Data Chronologica) is also necessary in order to facilitate research in the Catalogs – see the project to digitalize the Catalogs 1774-1829.

    The Data Chronologica shows the evolution of the Provinces, Missions and Regions, and gives the source from which the information is taken (generally ARActa Romana Societatis Iesu, or Cat., referring to the Catalog of the relevant Province).

    For a PDF version – with search possibilities – click here.


    Catalogus Defunctorum


    For information on Jesuits who died between 1540 and 1640, see:

    • Catalogus Pars I Assistentia Italiae et Germaniae cum Gallia usque ad 1607 click here.

    • Catalogus Pars II Assistentia Hispaniae Lusitaniae et ab anno 1608 Galliae click here.

    • Catalogus addenda et corrigenda click here.

    For information on Jesuits who died between 1640 and 1740, see:

    • Catalogus 1640-1740 Pars I A-C click here.

    • Catalogus 1640-1740 Pars II D-H click here.

    • Catalogus 1640-1740 Pars III I-M click here.

    • Catalogus 1640-1740 Pars IV N-R click here.

    • Catalogus 1640-1740 Pars V S-Z click here.

    For information on Jesuits who died between 1740 and 1773 click here.

    For the period (1774-1814) click here.

    For information on Jesuits who died between 7 Aug. 1814 and 30 Sept. 1970, see on Midwest Jesuit Archive the Catalogus Defunctorum prepared by Fr. Rufo Mendizàbal S.J.

    For information on Jesuits who died between 1970 and 1985, see: Catalogus defunctorum in renata Societate Iesu (II) by Fr. Nicolàs R. Veràstegui S.J.


    Los Jesuitas Argentinos (1829-1938)


    For Argentine Jesuits, Los Jesuitas Argentinos enhances the Catologus Defunctorum.

    Los Jesuitas Argentinos (1829-1938) is a collection of short biographies prepared by Fr. Hugo Storni SJ; it was envisaged as a continuation of his earlier work, Catalogo de los Jesuitas de la Provincia del Paraguay (Cuenca del Plata) 1585-1768 (Rome, 1980).
    Link to PDF


    Archivum Romanum Societatis Iesu
    Archivium habebit, in quo scripturas omnes Societati utiles asservabit, eo ordine dispositas, ut facile, cum opus erit, invenire possint