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Catalogs SJ 1774-1935


The Catalogs are an essential instrument for biographical research on Jesuits. They contain lists of Jesuits divided geographically by Province, and then by house, or residence, or college, together with the mission assigned to each man. Further, for each Jesuit the Catalog contains date of birth, year of entry into the Society of Jesus, and year for Final Vows (final incorporation into the Society).

Here we present the annual Catalogs; these may be dated from the beginning of the year (ineunte) and thus refer to the preceding year; or they may be dated at the end of the year (exunte).

Catalogs are compiled for the individual Provinces. Any Missions, Regions etc are given within the Catalog of the Province to which these belong. To check to which Province a given mission belonged it is necessary to consult the reference work Data Chronologica Originis et Evolutionis Regionum Provinciarum. See:


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