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Meeting the new Provincials - Rome 2015 (2)
Fr. John Chong Che-chon , S.J. (KOR) speaks about his vision and mission as the new provincial of the Korean Province. ...
Posted: 26-03-2015 | In Spanish | details

Meeting the new Provincials - Rome 2015 (1)
Fr. Scott R. Santarosa, S.J. (ORE) speaks about his vision and mission as the new provincial of Oregon Province, USA. ...
Posted: 21-03-2015 | In English, | details

European Brothers Meet - Rome 2014
Jesuit Brothers of European Conference speak of their experience in Rome during their meeting at the Jesuit General Curia from 26th to 29th of Septem ...
Posted: 04-10-2014 | In English, Spanish, Italian | details

A Moment with Fr. Joseph Daoust, S. J.
Fr. Joe was the Delegate of Fr. General for The Interprovincial Jesuit Houses in Rome for the last 6 years. We all in Rome are very grateful to his re ...
Posted: 24-09-2014 | In English | details

Collaboration at the Heart of Mission
Tony da Silva, SJ shares about his experience and vision as the first Secretary for Collaboration ...
Posted: 13-07-2014 | In English | details

Being a Jesuit Priest and a Photographer
Fr. Don Doll, SJ shares about his vision and mission as Jesuit Priest and a photographer. His works about the Native Americans are published in Nation ...
Posted: 05-06-2014 | In English | details

Conversation with Jerry Martinson, S. J.
Fr. Jerry Martinson, the Vice president of the Kuangchi Program Service (TV and Radio production center) Taipei, was interviewed by Giuseppe Bellucci ...
Posted: 04-03-2014 | In English | details

Younger Scholars in Intellectual Apostolate Meet in Rome
When General Congregation 35 dealt with the intellectual apostolate in the Society, it called for a strengthening and renewal of this apostolate as ...
Posted: 18-11-2013 | In English | details

A Morning with Pope Francis
The Jesuit Brothers share about their experience with Pope Francis during a special Mass commemorating the feast of St. Alphonsus Rodrigues, the patro ...
Posted: 31-10-2013 | Italian with English subtitle | details

Migration and Asylum today - "We cannot set borders to our concern"
Statement of the Jesuit Provincials of Europe and the Middle East and of Africa-Madagascar ...
Posted: 25-10-2013 | In English | details

New Provincials Speak of their Experience in Rome
The New provincials were present in Rome for their colloquium and it happened to be the time the Papal election-2013. Here, some of them share their e ...
Posted: 05-07-2013 | In English | details

The Holy Father Telephones Fr. General at the Curia
Posted: 15-03-2013 | Italian with English subtitle | details

Jesuit Provincial of Argentina on Pope Francis
Posted: 14-03-2013 | in Spanish | details

Chat with Fr. Etienne N. Degrez , SJ
Fr. Etienne N. Degrez, SJ born in Belgium, is a member of the Jesuit Province of Calcutta. He rendered his service as the Socius to the Delegate of F ...
Posted: 04-02-2013 | In English | details

Conversation on Jesuit Higher Education in the U.S.
On December 10 and 11, Sixteen representatives of Jesuit higher education in the U.S. met in the presence of Fr. General at the Jesuit Curia, in Rome, ...
Posted: 13-12-2012 | In English | details

The World needs Africa
Fr. Adolfo Nicolás, S.J., Superior General of the Society of Jesus, highlights the fact that Africa is a priority today for the Jesuit missions and fo ...
Posted: 01-12-2012 | In English | details

Synopsizing the Synod
Paul Bere, S.J., professor of Scripture at the Jesuit Theology college in Ivory Coast, was an appointed expert at the Synod of Bishops 2012 Rome. He ...
Posted: 03-11-2012 | In English | details

A Moment with Fr. Jean Roger Ndombi
Fr. Jean Roger Pascal Ndombi, the outgoing Regional Assistant to Africa and Madagascar, shares his four years of experience at the General Curia Rome. ...
Posted: 28-10-2012 | In English | details

Conversation with Fr. Adam Zak, S.J.
Here is a conversation between, Fr. Adam Zak, S.J., the out going Regional Assistant (ECO), and Fr. Giuseppe Bellucci, S.J., the Director of Communica ...
Posted: 10-10-2012 | In English | details

Fr. General in Ranchi
Fr. General, Fr. Adolfo Nicolás, S.J., was welcomed warmly at the Jesuit Alumni meeting in St. Xavier's Doranda, Ranchi in February 2012. He was accom ...
Posted: 12-06-2012 | In English | details





Conversation on Jesuit Higher Education in the U.S.

On December 10 and 11, Sixteen representatives of Jesuit higher education in the U.S. met in the presence of Fr. General at the Jesuit Curia, in Rome, for a conversation on strengthening the identity and mission of our institutions. The Association for Jesuit Colleges and Universities has developed two documents, "Characteristics of Jesuit and Catholic Universities" and "The Jesuit, Catholic Mission of U.S. Colleges and Universities". The two documents formed the basis for the conversation. The group was composed of six presidents, lay and Jesuit, two provincials, two board Chairs, and two chief academic officers. It gave an opportunity to explore the progress in strengthening the Catholic and Jesuit character of the schools, along with challenges and opportunities. It was also intended to strengthen our work in Lay-Jesuit collaboration and advancing our faith and justice agenda in this region of the Society. Fr. Michael J. Garanzini, SJ, who is the Secretary for Higher Education, at the Curia shares with us the highlights of this meeting.
Posted: 13-12-2012 | In English

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