The Social Justice and Ecology Secretariat of the Jesuit Curia in Rome


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Fernando Franco SJ

100 Issues of Promotio Iustitiae

Remembering our History          

The Birth of the Social Secretariat         

Francisco Ivern SJ

The First Thirty Issues     

Michael Campbell-Johnston SJ

A Time of Transition (1985-1991). Henry Volken SJ 

Fernando Franco SJ

Promotio Iustitiae 49-76               

Michael Czerny SJ

Culture and Faith in a Postmodern World

Faith and Justice in a Postmodern World        

Michael Amaladoss SJ

GC35: A Postmodern Faith-Justice Mission?  

Gasper Lo Biondo SJ and Peter Bisson SJ

Engaging the Frontiers of Youth Culture, Religious Indifference and a Divided Church     

Mark Mossa SJ

Faith Doing Justice in the Context of Postmodernism         

Agbonkhianmeghe E. Orobator SJ

Faith and Justice in an Individualized World

Fernando Polanco SJ

Assistancy Coordinators’ Annual Meeting 2008

Some Impressions of Father General’s informal Talk with the Assistancy Coordinators of the Social Apostolate                                                                                      

Uta Sievers

Ignatian Spirituality and Advocacy:     
Moving forward as a Universal Body   

Luis Arancibia

Reflections on GC35         

Strategic Thrusts for the Social Apostolate                              

Uta Sievers

The Apostolic Mission of the Society of Jesus: Faith Doing Justice         

Conclusions of the Assistancy Coordinators’ Meeting

Insertion Communities

Insertion Communities: A Brief Introduction            

Giuseppe Riggio SJ

A French Insertion Community: Living in a Popular Neighbourhood    

Michel Barthe-Dejean SJ

Jesuits in Nandurbar Mission    

Godfrey D’Lima SJ

Community by the Wayside       

Christian Herwartz SJ

Experimenting with Different Approaches to Solidarity     

J. Timothy Hipskind SJ

Taking Sides with the Poor. An Experience of Insertion Communities in Madurai Province           

Michaelraj Lourdu Ratinam SJ

Dance and Expression of Life:   
My Experience in the World of the Rarámuri

Eduardo Quintal SJ


“So What Became of the Social Catholicism of Father Hurtado?” 

Jorge Costadoat SJ

GC35 and Reconciliation. Forgiveness Forgotten?    

Michael Hurley SJ

The Jesuit Way of Going Global           

Daniel Villanueva SJ

Statement by Christian-Inspired and other Faith-Based Organisations to the FAO     

The Right to Food 

Silvano M. Tomasi

Is there a Zambia Food Crisis?   

Peter Henriot SJ

The World Food Crisis and the EU       

Frank Turner SJ

Invest all your Money in Agriculture? 

Uta Sievers


The Indigenous University of Venezuela       

Rodrigo Aguayo SJ

Stemming the Tide           

Jörg Alt SJ

My Regency Experience in Chad          

Renato Colizzi SJ

“Seven Days – Short and Sweet”          

Anthony Mifsud SJ

The Baby Girl Who Couldn’t Smile     

Pa’i Oliva SJ

In Memoriam

Father Claudio Perani SJ