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India: a dream for the Indian people

“A man without a dream and a nation without a vision will perish.” Dharma Bharathi, a socio-spiritual movement of Indians committed to bringing about human solidarity, holistic development and peace, dreams of a new India. Energised and challenged by the vision of DB, a number of schools, colleges and other organisations are joining the movement. “The real crisis facing our Nation today is neither economical nor political but moral and spiritual, and we need a powerful citizens’ movement for the regeneration of values in Indian society,” said Swami Sachidanda Bharathi, founder, while inaugurating the Delhi unit of Dharma Bharathi at the Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA) on 5th August, 2005. The occasion was marked by the release of a book: “The Role of Teachers in National Regeneration,” edited by Fr Thomas V Kunnunkal SJ, the research director of Jesuit-run Indian Social Institute, Delhi. Father Kunnunkal is one of the key persons promoting Dharma Bharati: he meets different schoolteachers and administrators to initiate programmes and campaigns for peace and regeneration of values in the national capital. This vision calls for personal transformation, stated Fr Kunnunkal. Personal transformation empowers one to work with hope for a peaceful future. It is not a lonely journey; there are others with similar experiences who work for peace and justice, he adds. “When we join hands with others, something beautiful is born-- synergy. Synergy would lead us to the critical mass necessary for change.” Fr Victor Edwin SJ,