The Social Justice and Ecology Secretariat of the Jesuit Curia in Rome


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Promotio Iustitiae n°108, 2012/1
Justice from an Ignatian perspective



Editorial | Patxi Álvarez SJ, Franklin Ibáñez  

Observations of the Social Apostolate, Justice and the Decrees of General Congregations 31 to 35 | Tom Greene SJ 

This article provides a brief description of the treatment of justice in GCs 31-35, offers ten observations and reflections related to contemporary efforts of the social apostolate to promote justice, and concludes with a consideration of the parallels between spirituality and justice for CLCs to consider.

Faith and Justice: an updating | Mary Nolan 

In this article, the author describes how faith and justice are inseparable in authentic Christian and Ignatian living and focuses on four questions and turning points that have profoundly influenced her life.

Characterising social justice | Franklin Ibáñez 

In this article the author tries to develop a general concept of social justice. Today, as a result of cross-cultural and interdisciplinary dialogue, we are faced with very different and even contradictory ways of understanding social justice. Therefore, rather than proposing a closed and final concept, he will present an open and dynamic one.

Making Justice a reality in the 21st Century | Raúl González Fabre SJ 

In the last 40 years, the apostolic body of the Society of Jesus has taken the link between the defence of faith and the promotion of justice seriously. This apostolic body includes Jesuits and many others who share the Ignatian spiritual inspiration, and take direct responsibility for works and actions of the Society or contribute to them in other ways.


A year after my return from Haiti | Ramiro Pampols SJ 

In this article the author describes his experience among the poor in Haiti after he had been working for 28 years in Barcelona as a worker priest. In Haiti he collaborated with his Jesuit companions working for JRS and the Fe y Alegria schools and experienced first-hand a poverty that is difficult to imagine.

Our Mission: to share an experience with a refugee family | Lara Kadouzian Haddad  

In this short article Lara Kadouzian Haddad shares with us her experience with two families of refugees that has deeply affected her life.

Experience of Justice | Francisco In Don SJ 

This article describes the author’s personal experience as a director at The Centre of the Dove, better known as Banteay Prieb, in Cambodia. This centre, that was once a killing field, is now a place where physically disabled people share their difficulties and find peace, reconciliation and friendship

Six indigenous ethnic groups and the contribution of fair trade | Roberto Núñez, Silvia Macías 

In this article the author describes his experience as a volunteer in Mexico where, together with other companions, he established an association in favour of the indigenous people.

Justice: Promotion of a Faith that does Justice | Elias Mokua SJ 

In this article, Elias Mokua describes his experience in South Kenya, among the Kuria tribe, where he conducted a peace building training. He was very surprised to learn that most of those in attendance had been experiencing intertribal conflicts and, this context, provided a cue of reflection upon the difference between human rights and justice, and, how the promotion of human rights not always grant justice.