The Social Justice and Ecology Secretariat of the Jesuit Curia in Rome


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A brief history of the Social Justice Secretariat


Fr. Francisco Ivern

Fr. Michael Campbell-Johnston



Fr Francisco Ivern (Central Brazil) established the Jesuit Secretariat for Socio-Economic Development (JESEDES), today known as the Social Justice Secretariat.


Fr. Michael Campbell-Johnston (Britain) turned the JESEDES bulletin into Promotio Iustitiae which will soon reach its hundredth issue.


Fr. Henry Volken

Fr. Michael Czerny



Fr Henry Volken (Goa-Pune) distilled all the Province responses into a panorama of the social apostolate at the end of the 1980s.


Fr Michael Czerny (Upper Canada) prepared the justice theme before the 34th General Congregation and launched the “Initiative 1995-2005”.


Fr. Fernando Franco

Fr. Patxi Álvarez



Fr Fernando Franco (Gujarat) joined the Secretariat on 3 December 2002 and - in union with the group of Assistancy Coordinators - has worked on concrete measures to revitalise the somewhat sagging spirits of this apostolic sector.


Fr Patxi Àlvarez de los Mozos (Loyola) ...