The Social Justice and Ecology Secretariat of the Jesuit Curia in Rome


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List of Narratives



Transforming the Lives of Adivasis in Assam through Gana Chetana Samaj   Oct-2018
My social engagement at the Research Centre for Social Action (CEPAS) in the Democratic Republic of   Sep-2018
The Power to Make Good Choices   Jul-2018
An Unexpected Dream Journey   Jun-2018
Fr. General's address to Social Delegates and GIAN Leaders   May-2018
Accompanying Distress Migrant Workers   Apr-2018
Happy to be Part of the Effort...   Mar-2018
Two works, one spirit   Feb-2018
A journey of compassion and solidarity with people facing HIV and AIDS   Jan-2018
Witnessing to hope in the midst of hopelessness   Dec-2017
To be Shepherds with the smell of the sheep!   Nov-2017
Giving renewed spirit, joy and love to street children in Kinshasa   Oct-2017
An Unexpected Call: From Teaching to Serving Justice   Sep-2017
Walking with prisoners... walking with the Lord. Two sample stories   Jul-2017
Learning in and building up the social sector   Jun-2017
Homeless people evicted from Miyashita Park in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo (Japan)   May-2017
In love with a displaced God   Apr-2017
Shareholder advocacy or co-optation   Mar-2017
The Expanding Horizons of Justice   Feb-2017
The Joy of Service   Jan-2017
Prayer from Jacques Couture SJ (GLC) (1929-1995)   Dec-2016
"Only as a Jesuit... "   Nov-2016
Young people excluded from society are worthy of love and have a future   Oct-2016
Simplicity - Sustainability - Sharing   Sep-2016
The Social Apostolate is Like a Home to Me   Jul-2016
Non-traditional exports   Jun-2016
From the social indigenous apostolate to the intellectual apostolate   May-2016
The Jesuit community in Scampia   Apr-2016
Living and engaging in the public sphere   Mar-2016
Life is a walk, a walk with joy!   Feb-2016
Building just relations in Cambodia   Jan-2016
Glimpses of Eden   Dec-2015
Meeting of the Social Apostolate in Korea and Japan   Nov-2015
Defending the rights of the poorest   Oct-2015
Connexions: Jesuit Social Services, Melbourne Australia   Sep-2015
Reason to rejoice with Ruzean   Jul-2015
World championship of street soccer   Jun-2015
Volunteers speak   May-2015
No more bars   Apr-2015
The Kino Border Initiative: between United States and Mexico   Mar-2015
Children, a new drive to ecology!   Feb-2015
Nilo E. Tanalega, SJ - Missionary for Overseas Filipino Workers   Jan-2015
A Literacy Movement - Change is happening...   Dec-2014
A Life of Commitment to the Social Apostolate in Venezuela. Interview with Fr. José Ignacio Arrieta   Nov-2014
The Magis Ignite Africa Experience   Oct-2014
Prayer at the "Summit" for Peace in Guatemala   Sep-2014
Srey Mom: A Call to Serve and Bring Charity of Christ to the World   Jul-2014
Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess ... (Ph 2:10-11)   Jun-2014
Eco-Reserve Attappady – Learning to live with Nature !   May-2014
From Ireland to Paraguay, and back   Apr-2014
Reconciliation: The missing link in healing Africa   Mar-2014
Sharing the road with refugees   Feb-2014
A Migrant Accompanying Migrants   Jan-2014
Synergy : Educating Migrant Children, Caring for Mother Earth   Dec-2013
Managing a Social Initiative - My Reflections   Nov-2013
Encountering God at Angola prison   Oct-2013
Hanging in with the exiled   Sep-2013
Learning from Our Companions   Jul-2013
Adivasis of Assam - From bondage to liberation!   Jun-2013
Living faith with the immigrants   May-2013
Miracles do happen !   Apr-2013
A grace-filled night of confluence   Feb-2013
Strengthening community management of water, a passion that inspires   Jan-2013
Called to Companion   Dec-2012
Ferdinand Muhigirwa, a Jesuit working for Social Change   Nov-2012
Spirituality of Social Action   Oct-2012
Jesus at the Street Mass   Jul-2012
Jesuits at the Rio+20 Conference   Jun-2012
Walking with the Crucified   May-2012
The indigenous peoples of the Amazon and the "listening world"   Apr-2012
Learning together about AIDS in Africa   Mar-2012
Contextualizing My Theology with Domestic Working Girls   Feb-2012
Finding God in the People to Whom I Minister   Jan-2012
Christmas in Kyabé   Dec-2011
Past, present and future of the Mekong   Nov-2011
Scholastic Min John Kim SJ, YIUTSARI Jesuit Centre for Migrant Workers, Gimpo, Korea   Oct-2011
Xavier Jeyaraj SJ, designated Assistant Secretary at the Social Justice and Ecology Secretariat, Rome, Italy   Sep-2011
Manuel Ruíz Parra, Suyusama* Programme, Pasto, Nariño, Colombia   Jul-2011
Sandie Cornish, Sydney, Australia   Jun-2011
George Williams SJ: Easter on Death Row   May-2011
Peter Daniel SJ, Andhra Jesuit Province, India   Apr-2011
Narrative: Aldo Michelis, Kino Border Initiative, Nogales, Arizona, USA: “The Coldest Day, The Warmest Day”   Mar-2011
Narrative: József Hofher SJ, Budapest, Hungary   Feb-2011
Narrative: Luísa Fernandes, Itinerant Team, Amazonia, Brazil   Jan-2011
Narrative: Danilo Giannese, “Centro Arrupe” staff member, Jesuit Refugee Service Italy   Dec-2010
Narrative: John Sealey, Social Apostolate Coordinator, Wisconsin Province, USA   Nov-2010
Narrative: F. Gibson Munyoro SJ, Zimbabwe   Oct-2010
Narrative: Jojo M. Fung SJ, Malaysia, Coordinator of Jesuit Companions in Indigenous Ministry (JCIM) of the Jesuit Conference of Asia-Pacific   Sep-2010
Strengthening the Social Apostolate   Aug-2010
Narratives: Vilaiwan Phokthavi , Prison Ministry – Jesuit Foundation Thailand   Aug-2010
Narratives: J. Stanny SJ, SHAKTI-LAHRC, Gujarat, India   Jun-2010
The new director of the Secretariat has been announced   Jun-2010
Patxi Álvarez SJ: Presentation of the new Secretary   Jun-2010
Narratives: Danny Daly, London, United Kingdom   May-2010
Narratives: Philip Amaral, Policy & Advocacy Officer, JRS-Europe, Brussels   Apr-2010
Econews: Establishment of a Jesuit Mission and Ecology Task Force   Apr-2010
Narratives: José Miguel Jaramillo SJ (province of Ecuador), Chile   Mar-2010
Narrative: John Dayal, All India Christian Council   Mar-2010
Narratives: Mario Serrano SJ, coordinator of Jesuit activities for Haiti in the Dominican Republic   Feb-2010
Haiti: Jesuits act and reflect   Feb-2010
Narrative: Amazonia is burning! Ñande rekoha )our home) is on fire!   Dec-2009
Narratives: Francisco de Paula Oliva SJ, Asunción, Paraguay   Dec-2009
The African Social Apostolate meeting 2009   Dec-2009
Narratives: Anne-Marie Jackson, Jesuit Forum for Social Faith and Justice, Toronto, Canada   Oct-2009
Narrative: Imp Wong, Jesuit social apostolate, East Asia and Oceania   Oct-2009
Social Apostolate: East Asia and Oceania meet for the first time since 2004   Oct-2009
Narratives: Alberto Martin, Entreculturas, Spain   Aug-2009
The Jesuit radio station remains independent despite threats in Honduras   Aug-2009
India   Jul-2009
Narratives: Ando Isamu SJ, Jesuit Social Center, Tokyo, Japan   Jul-2009
Jesuits “cannot stay on the sidelines of events” in Peru   Jul-2009
Immigration policy along the southern border of Europe   Jul-2009
Sri Lanka: Doing all they can to prevent further bloodshed   Jun-2009
Narratives: Adelaida Lacasta, Christian Life Community, Spain   Jun-2009
India: Citizens get ready for General Elections   Jun-2009
Narratives: Emilio Travieso SJ, Dominican Republic   May-2009
Kenya: Solidarity with Zimbabwe and DRC   Apr-2009
Brazil: Indigenous people celebrate court victory   Apr-2009
Côte d’Ivoire: Meeting of Francophone Social Centres   Mar-2009
USA: Ignatian PeaceAction 2009 – Peace with Creation and Protection of the Poor   Mar-2009
India: Communal Harmony Christmas Celebration   Mar-2009
Frank Turner SJ: Emerging themes and ‘western’ frustrations   Feb-2009
Xavier Jeyaraj SJ: “We are not alone in this struggle to build a better world”   Feb-2009
Antoine Bérilengar SJ: Bridge-building and a missed opportunity for Africa   Feb-2009
François Houtart: Positive aspects to retain from the WSF in Belém (Esteban Velásquez SJ)   Feb-2009
Ignatian Day at the World Social Forum   Feb-2009
A special encounter   Feb-2009
A voice from British Guyana   Feb-2009
Participants and organisers reflect on the Pre-Forum   Jan-2009
Social march or disengaged carnival?   Jan-2009
Participants introduce themselves   Jan-2009
The World Social Forum is set in motion   Jan-2009
Interview: We share a common present   Jan-2009
Experiences of life, faith and struggle   Jan-2009
Spirituality for today   Jan-2009
Pre-Forum Fé’namazônia   Jan-2009
Indigenous people’s participation at the World Social Forum 2009   Jan-2009
The World Social Forum at a glance   Jan-2009
The Pre-Forum Fé’namazônia has started   Jan-2009
Our Connection with Creation: Some paradoxes   Jan-2009
Creation and the Exodus: Two complementary traditions   Jan-2009
Ukraine: Meeting of the Eastern European Jesuit social apostolate   Dec-2008
Brazil: Fe’namazônia Pre-Forum and Ignatian Day at the World Social Forum 2009   Dec-2008
Europe/Latin America: Jesuits speak up on behalf of migrants   Dec-2008
Mexico: 20 years of fighting for human rights   Dec-2008
Spain: Ignatian Advocacy Workshop successfully concluded   Nov-2008
Peru: 39th Congress of the International Fe y Alegría Foundation   Nov-2008
Slovenia: JRS opens prayer room inside detention centre   Nov-2008
India: Jesuit contribution to Orissa peace building process   Nov-2008
Zimbabwe: Jesuits in the United Kingdom and Germany raise awareness and funds   Oct-2008
Spain: Ignatian Advocacy Workshop gathering participants from around the world   Oct-2008
Myanmar: Restoring lives after Cyclone Nargis   Oct-2008
South Asia: Jesuits in Social Action unite   Oct-2008
India: Thousands seek refuge from violence in Orissa and floods in Bihar   Oct-2008
Democratic Republic of Congo: Workshop on advocacy in Africa   Oct-2008
Latin America: Indigenous Apostolate meets   Oct-2008
Mexico: Jesuits at the international AIDS meeting   Oct-2008
India: Jesuit residence attacked in anti-Dalit violence   Aug-2008
Spain: ALBOAN publishes Annual Report   Aug-2008
USA: Jesuits participate in Convention for the Common Good   Aug-2008
Canada: Justice and Faith Centre's 25th Anniversary   Jun-2008
Zambia: Workshop on HIV/Aids for Jesuit parish priests   Jun-2008
Italy: Fr General speaks out on refugees and migrants   Jun-2008
Australia: Pre-World Youth Day programme in East Asia   Jun-2008
USA: Jesuits for human rights at Chevron stockholder meeting   Jun-2008
Social Justice Secretariat   Jun-2008
Brazil: Indigenous peoples’ rights: join the Jesuit campaign   Jun-2008
East Asia: Improving education through social projects   Jun-2008
Kenya: Psycho-social support by Jesuit Hakimani Centre   Jun-2008
Social Justice Secretariat: Annual meeting of Social Apostolate Coordinators   Jun-2008
Haiti: Jesuit declaration exposes the full misery   May-2008
Kenya: AJAN publishes first programme report   May-2008
Colombia: Death threats against Jesuit project   May-2008
India: Jesuits investigate caste violence in Tamil Nadu parish   May-2008
USA: Ignatian PeaceAction invites prayer, reflection and action for peace   Apr-2008
India: Jesuit Social Apostolate of the Western Zone meets   Apr-2008
Zimbabwe: Youth against Aids celebrate 10 years   Apr-2008
Portugal: Fundação Gonçalo da Silveira fights indifference   Apr-2008
Chile: Jesuit support for Mapuche people   Apr-2008
Celebration of International Women's Day at Songadh, District Tapi, Gujarat (India)   Apr-2008
Questions before the Congregation   Feb-2008
Networking: Ways of being local and being global   Feb-2008
Jesuit Refugee Service: The former director reflects on its mission   Feb-2008
Benedict XVI: The Church needs you and counts on you   Feb-2008
Ecology: Now is the time   Feb-2008
Adolfo Nicolás: the new Father General through the eyes of the delegates   Feb-2008
Delegates talk about "What has struck me most"   Feb-2008
"A deep experience of freedom"   Feb-2008
"A oneness of purpose"   Feb-2008
The new face of the Jesuits   Feb-2008
East Asia: Shaping the future of the Social Apostolate   Jan-2008
Venezuela: Seminar teaches alternative forms of power relations   Jan-2008
France: The Social Apostolate and the theme of "Tenacious Hope"   Jan-2008
India: Christian Dalits have rights too   Jan-2008
Vatican: Congress raises hopes for follow-up on Populorum Progressio   Jan-2008
Vatican: Congress raises hopes for follow-up on Populorum Progressio   Jan-2008
Bangladesh: Helping the victims of cyclone Sidr   Dec-2007
Uganda: Justice and Peace Centre opened   Dec-2007
USA: Pro-Life and Social Justice leaders meet   Dec-2007
Brazil: Promoting the rights of young people   Dec-2007
World: World Social Forum 2008 and 2009   Dec-2007
USA: Jesuit Social Research Institute formed   Dec-2007
Timor Leste: Being poor with the poor   Nov-2007
India: Meeting of the social apostolate coordinators in South Asia   Nov-2007
Kenya: Jesuit Hakimani Centre launches new social justice journal   Nov-2007
Italy: Jesuit NGO raises funds through mobile phones   Nov-2007
Canada: New Jesuit Forum for Social Faith and Justice   Nov-2007
Cambodia: Joining the Global Day of Action to ban cluster bombs   Nov-2007
IJND: Essays to mark the fortieth anniversary of Populorum Progressio   Nov-2007
Zimbabwe: The Social Apostolate Ignatian Seminar   Sep-2007
India: Floods in Eastern India and the Jesuit response   Sep-2007
Europe: New Social Apostolate coordinator   Sep-2007
Australia: Celebrating Jesuit Social Services 1977-2007   Sep-2007
Peru: The Province mobilises all resources after the earthquake   Sep-2007
Introducing our lay partners: Ruth Zenkert - Life on the edge   Sep-2007
El Salvador: Meeting of the Social Apostolate in Latin America   Jul-2007
Kenya: Hakimani Economic Justice Forum   Jul-2007
Bosnia-Herzegovina: The Jesuit Social Apostolate in Sarajevo   Jul-2007
Common Apostolic Discernment: Hope for a fragmented world?   Jul-2007
Democratic Republic of Congo: CEPAS conference on mining and governance   Jul-2007
Malaysia: Student Action for Dialogue and Peace   Jul-2007
Kenya: African Jesuit AIDS Network celebrates fifth anniversary   Jul-2007
Europe: Applications invited for bi-annual EUROJESS Congress   Jul-2007
Europa - Domande di partecipazione al Congresso biennale dell’EUROJESS   Jul-2007
Books recommended   Jul-2007
Colombia: Elsa, Mario and don Carlos remembered   May-2007
Zambia: Catholic bishops speak on constitution   May-2007
Kenya: The Nairobi Basic Needs Basket 2006 Survey   May-2007
USA: New Staff Member joins Jesuit Conference USA Social and International Ministries   May-2007
Madagascar: French Jesuit evicted   May-2007
World: The Society of Jesus and the Environment   Apr-2007
Zimbabwe/United Kingdom: Praying for Peace   Apr-2007
Germany: Jesuitenmission celebrates   Apr-2007
Brazil: Latin American Bishops meet in Aparecida   Apr-2007
World: Global Warming Report   Mar-2007
Kenya: Hekima College Lenten Campaign for Darfur War Victims   Mar-2007
USA: Student Gathering Addresses Poverty and Racism in New Orleans   Mar-2007
Peru: Radio Based Education   Mar-2007
Capacity building in Latin America   Feb-2007
Iraq Statement by US Jesuit Social Apostolate   Feb-2007
Novartis court case   Feb-2007
Catholic migrants in London   Feb-2007
Nairobi: Pre-World Social Forum Encounter of the Ignatian Family   Dec-2006
Taiwan: Launch of eRenlai online magazine   Dec-2006
Italy: 25 Years Centro Astalli   Dec-2006
Chad: Humanitarian personnel leaving the country   Dec-2006
Mexico: Arrests and arbitrary detention in Oaxaca state   Dec-2006
Profiling our partners: Carolina Tejada   Dec-2006
South Asian Peoples' Initiatives (SAPI) in India Social Forum (ISF) Delhi.   Nov-2006
Argentina: developing new management processes.   Nov-2006
Cambodia Jesuit Services.   Nov-2006
Madrid: precariousness of labour today.   Nov-2006
Beyond scarcity: Water for the poor   Nov-2006
Profiling our partners   Nov-2006
Flash News: Africa, Mozambique, Italy, U.S., Rome, Spain   Nov-2006
Guamote, Ecuador – Jesuit Indigenous Apostolate and GC 35   Oct-2006
Madhya Pradesh, India - Dams and displaced people   Oct-2006
Nairobi, Kenya – Activities planned for the Ignatian Family Encounter   Oct-2006
Dublin, Ireland – International Jesuit Network for Development Board Meeting   Oct-2006
Contributing to an international debate on JRS’s mandate: Should it comprise refugees and IDPs?   Oct-2006
FLASH NEWS   Oct-2006
A note from the Editor   Sep-2006
Latin America: Education for a new political consciousness and practice   Sep-2006
South Asia: Civil society organises India Social Forum   Sep-2006
Zambia, Canada, Australia: Ecology and Jesuit contributions   Sep-2006
Flash News: India, USA, Sri Lanka, USA   Sep-2006
Middle East: A view from Lebanon   Jul-2006
India: Mumbai. Killing innocent passengers   Jul-2006
Canada: ecology high on the agenda   Jul-2006
Spain: WSF on Migrations   Jul-2006
Japan: Tokyo Jesuit Social Centre: 25 years   Jul-2006
Social Centres   Jul-2006
Kenya   Jul-2006
Trade talks   Jul-2006
Small Arms   Jul-2006
The Amazon   Jul-2006
US: Advocates for Immigration Reform   Jun-2006
Governance: A global challenge   Jun-2006
India: Delhi province consolidates social animation work   Jun-2006
East Timor   Jun-2006
Philippines   Jun-2006
Madhya Pradesh   Jun-2006
IPC   Jun-2006
India: Human rights-- a battle won   May-2006
General Curia: Strengthening Jesuit lay partnership   May-2006
Brazil: A presence in solidarity   May-2006
Jamaica: Small farmers grow   May-2006
US: An industry of hope   May-2006
Headlines readers’ survey   May-2006
Mexico: Water, conflicts and human rights   Apr-2006
East Asia: Mental health problems have social roots   Apr-2006
Migrants rights: A new campaign is launched   Apr-2006
Pakistan: WSF Karachi, last but not least   Apr-2006
Population concerns: The making of an international network   Apr-2006
Kenya   Apr-2006
India   Apr-2006
France   Apr-2006
Arms control: the need for tougher regulations   Mar-2006
Philippines: discernment for the present situation   Mar-2006
DR Congo: preparing for the elections   Mar-2006
Spain: reconciliation in the Basque Country   Mar-2006
Bolivia: social change through public influence   Mar-2006
Malta   Mar-2006
Spain   Mar-2006
JRS   Mar-2006
Spain: A collaborative effort in development cooperation   Feb-2006
Tanzania: Broadcasting awareness   Feb-2006
For the love of justice: Reflections on a papal encyclical   Feb-2006
Conserving the ecosystem: a millennium project   Feb-2006
Flash News: Burundi, SJS, Italy and India   Feb-2006
WSF Caracas: Reflecting on social action   Feb-2006
The future of the WSF: finding the balance   Feb-2006
Mali: WSF lands in Africa   Feb-2006
Chad: the oil curse looms   Jan-2006
India: Celebrations at ISI   Jan-2006
Flash News   Jan-2006
Live from theWorld Social Forum in Caracas: day 1 and 2   Jan-2006
Flash News   Dec-2005
Europe: protecting the rights of repatriated people   Dec-2005
Australia: cruelty of death penalty   Dec-2005
Hong Kong: civil society presence at the WTO meeting   Dec-2005
El Salvador: in memory of Fr Jon Cortina SJ   Dec-2005
Kenya: Education for the ballot box   Dec-2005
Flash News   Nov-2005
Globalisation: A Jesuit response   Nov-2005
JRS International: for 25 years where there is greater need   Nov-2005
India: The plight of Dalit Christians   Nov-2005
France: Let us choose life   Nov-2005
France: All they want is respect and gainful employment   Nov-2005
Floods in Central America   Oct-2005
Earthquake in South Asia   Oct-2005
Migrants deported by Spanish and Moroccan authorities   Oct-2005
Agenda   Sep-2005
Africa – US: Oil for Africa   Sep-2005
Kenya: Poverty in Nairobi   Sep-2005
Debt Cancellation—a Jubilee year?   Sep-2005
Zambia: 100 years of Jesuit presence   Sep-2005
Africa: establishing the Social Apostolate Secretariat   Sep-2005
Violence and war: An exercise in communal discernment   Sep-2005
Governance: Power to the people?   Aug-2005
The Philippines: communities manage their resources   Aug-2005
India: a dream for the Indian people   Aug-2005
Europe: Christ among the excluded   Aug-2005
UK: Making Poverty History   Aug-2005
Latin America: Indigenous people and political participation   Aug-2005
Flash News   Aug-2005
Dominican Republic: Against indiscriminate expulsions   Jun-2005
Italy: Jesuit Social Network: religious and lay as partners   Jun-2005
Zimbabwe: Fighting poverty or the poor?   Jun-2005
India: educating tribal communities   Jun-2005
Bolivia: between hope and despair   Jun-2005
G-8 and debt cancellation: asking for more   Jun-2005
Assistancy Coordinators: the third annual meeting   May-2005
Flash News [HL50506]   May-2005
Jesuits connect on debt, trade and aid   May-2005
Mexico: Promoting indigenous people’s rights in Chiapas   May-2005
Madagascar: a new social centre is inaugurated   May-2005
Communities of insertion continued: Spain   May-2005
Flash News   Apr-2005
France : Work in progress for the social apostolate   Apr-2005
Africa: Jesuits take a step towards peace   Apr-2005
Insertion communities: Zimbabwe, Peru, Brazil and France 3   Apr-2005
Insertion communities: Zimbabwe, Peru, Brazil and France 2   Apr-2005
Insertion communities: Zimbabwe, Peru, Brazil and France 1   Apr-2005
Flash News   Mar-2005
Canada: A Social Justice Committee is set up   Mar-2005
Kenya: A new Jesuit information service is launched   Mar-2005
United States: Seattle University opens its campus   Mar-2005
India: Befriending the trees and the UN   Mar-2005
UK: Making poverty a thing of the past   Mar-2005
Flash News [HL50204]   Feb-2005
Spain: Migration studies enter the classroom   Feb-2005
South East Asia: Update on Jesuit response to Tsunami   Feb-2005
South East Asia: Update on Jesuit response to Tsunami   Feb-2005
The fight against poverty   Jan-2005
President Lula’s encounter with the Forum   Jan-2005
The Statistics   Jan-2005
The Inaugural ceremony   Jan-2005
A Latin American perspective   Jan-2005
The peace march: an Asian perspective   Jan-2005
Meeting with Caritas Internationalis   Jan-2005
Lula’s call for a fight against poverty   Jan-2005
Why a WSF? What results can come from such a large gathering ?   Jan-2005
Dignity, not harassment, in the world of labour   Jan-2005
Importance of subsidiarity   Jan-2005
SAPI “takes over” the Indian House   Jan-2005
SAPI forcibly occupies a stall   Jan-2005
The Youth Camp: entering a different sub-culture   Jan-2005
Has Porto Alegre run its course as the venue for the WSF?   Jan-2005
The bridge between Mumbai and Porto Alegre   Jan-2005
A Popular University of the Social Movements   Jan-2005
Strengthening the hope of a future Provincial   Jan-2005
Fe y Alegria and the Forum   Jan-2005
Access to natural resources   Jan-2005
Tired but happy: an evaluation of the Forum and our participation   Jan-2005
Programme for the future   Jan-2005
Closing the Forum   Jan-2005
On human trafficking   Jan-2005
IJND and governance   Jan-2005
Non-violence and the Forum   Jan-2005
More reflections on our participation   Jan-2005
“The involvement of the Society of Jesus is necessary and urgent” (Chico Whitaker)   Jan-2005
Balance del Foro   Jan-2005
Evaluating the Forum   Jan-2005
Catholic collaboration   Jan-2005
Jesuit presence   Jan-2005
From debate to action?   Jan-2005
The Forum's new format   Jan-2005
Speaking by numbers   Jan-2005
Celebrating the unity of the world   Jan-2005
Reporting on the 5th World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil   Jan-2005
Global solidarity of the Society..   Jan-2005
Current actions and future plans (2)   Jan-2005
Current actions and future plans (1)   Jan-2005
Bearing witness to solidarity   Jan-2005
Wear a white band!   Jan-2005
World Campaign for the Millennium Development Goals   Jan-2005
The Japanese presence   Jan-2005
The voice of indigenous people   Jan-2005
Can we change the world without seizing political power?   Jan-2005
Pre-Forum events   Jan-2005
Cancel foreign debt   Jan-2005
Where are the poor?   Jan-2005
The Forum: Babel or Pentecost?   Jan-2005
A moment of thanksgiving   Jan-2005
Flash News [HL41206]   Dec-2004
India: acompañando a los últimos, a los más pequeños, a los perdidos   Dec-2004
United States: restorative justice as Christian response   Dec-2004
Indonesia: a pathway to peace   Dec-2004
Southern Europe: developing development cooperation   Dec-2004
Central America: fighting for fairer free trade   Dec-2004
Governance matters   Nov-2004
Latin America: better education for a better world   Nov-2004
Eastern Europe: bridges, not walls   Nov-2004
East Asia and Oceania: re-energizing the social apostolate   Nov-2004
Madagascar: faith communities at the service of the poor   Nov-2004
Italy: Roma people have rights   Nov-2004
Flash News [HL41107]   Nov-2004
India: A dream coming true   Oct-2004
Ecuador: the characteristics of social works   Oct-2004
Cameroon: Hope has a home   Oct-2004
Latin and North America. Migrants: the joint effort continues   Oct-2004
France: Jesuits at the Social Weeks, a European collaboration   Oct-2004
Flash News [HL41006]   Oct-2004
Kenya: building local communities   Sep-2004
Slovenia: a “social week” in the new Europe of 25   Sep-2004
Japan: When the bubble bursts…   Sep-2004
Paraguay: towering inferno   Sep-2004
Spain: evangelisation in the light of experience   Sep-2004
Flash News [HL40906]   Sep-2004
Brazil: Sailing down the mighty Amazon   Jul-2004
Thailand: Against AIDS   Jul-2004
Chad: Many are called   Jul-2004
Spain: A Parliament of World Religions   Jul-2004
Latin America: All coherence gone   Jul-2004
Flash News [HL40706]   Jul-2004
Africa: War and Peace   Jun-2004
India: Partners with the United Nations   Jun-2004
Jesuit Refugee Service: one year later…   Jun-2004
Jesuit Superiors of the Americas meet   Jun-2004
Philippines: Carry me back…   Jun-2004
Spain: Civil Society and peace efforts   Jun-2004
General Curia. Rome: Coordinators of the Social Apostolate meet   May-2004
Networks. Globalisation from the perspective of the poor   May-2004
India. Bhopal: Keeping tribal identity alive   May-2004
Migration. Peace for people on the move   May-2004
China. Helping the helpless   May-2004
India. A Gandhian from Belgium   May-2004
Spain: Out of the mouths of babes…   May-2004
General Curia. Official news: Creation of a Task Force on Globalisation-Marginalisation   Apr-2004
Australia. Towards an East Asian AIDS network   Apr-2004
Europe. EUROJESS: Changing times, changing circumstances   Apr-2004
India. New Delhi: SAPI is born   Apr-2004
Latin America. An ecological net   Apr-2004
Italy: Jesuit Social Network: New point of departure   Apr-2004
India. Dhanwarkala: Hope for the Koraput tribals   Apr-2004
Japan: Spying on those out in the cold   Apr-2004
African Jesuit AIDS Network: Whispering hope?   Mar-2004
Indigenous peoples: First Steps   Mar-2004
Europe: Faith and Politics   Mar-2004
IJND: Casting the net wide   Mar-2004
United States of America: Facilitating justice, connecting for peace…   Mar-2004
Abidjan: the Social Apostolate in Africa and Madagascar   Mar-2004
Peoples from the North-East are also part of us   Mar-2004
The need for local social forums   Mar-2004
The Tamil percussionist   Mar-2004
The world as mother   Mar-2004
Looking at the future   Mar-2004
Zambia – Vatican: Shedding light on the GMO debate   Mar-2004
Canada. Moving with the times   Mar-2004
Colombia. Peace, a learning process   Mar-2004
Italy. Politics revisited   Mar-2004
India. A garden seeded with hate   Mar-2004
General Curia. Globalisation and Jesuit response   Mar-2004
Some statistics   Mar-2004
The WSF in Mumbai: new life to the Forum   Mar-2004
Giving voice and uncovering the suffering   Mar-2004
Joys, hopes and a dash of disappointment   Mar-2004
What future for the WSF?   Mar-2004
Peace processes in Latin America   Mar-2004
Working at various levels   Mar-2004
Clearing misconceptions   Mar-2004
Living as a community   Mar-2004
Closing ceremony of the World Social Forum   Mar-2004
Jesuit networks in Mumbai   Mar-2004
To be a Dalit today   Mar-2004
A fight for independence   Mar-2004
From our ‘correspondent’ in Mumbai: being present is what matters.   Feb-2004
World Social Forum. Origins and objectives of a movement   Feb-2004
WSF 2004: the Indian Process   Feb-2004
Jesuit participation in the WSF India process and in WSF 2004   Feb-2004
WSF 2004: how does it work?   Feb-2004
Brazil: forces against democracy and justice at work   Feb-2004
Peru: 20 years of violence unveiled   Feb-2004
In the midst of Jesuit tradition and history   Feb-2004
WSF: from debate to action   Feb-2004
From Brazil to India   Feb-2004
Swirling around a utopia   Feb-2004
No more ‘dadagiri’ (bullying)   Feb-2004
A critical voice: whose voices are we hearing?   Feb-2004
The Indian press: is India shining?   Feb-2004
Another Church is possible   Jan-2004
Slaughter of the Jesuits: fourteen years on…   Dec-2003
India - Prashant: fighting for peace   Dec-2003
Mexico - PRODH and human rights: “if you prick us do we not bleed?”   Dec-2003
Indonesia - Bishops’ Commission: reconciliation in times of violence   Dec-2003
Colombia – CINEP: from death to life…   Dec-2003
USA: ‘SOA Watch’: when the saints go marching in ...   Dec-2003
Africa - Hekima College: peace all over the land   Dec-2003
Africa: Hope for the HIV-afflicted   Dec-2003
Sri Lanka: crisis in the emerald island   Dec-2003
Cancun: Jesuits at the WTO   Nov-2003
Quito: Integration, yes, but with dignity   Nov-2003
Chiapas: Must education erode tradition ?   Nov-2003
Dobogokoe, Eurojess : Dreams of a United Europe   Nov-2003
Toronto: Globalisation and Catholic Social Teaching   Nov-2003
Cairo : Population, ethics and Islam   Nov-2003
Paris: CERAS centenary   Nov-2003
Education and the practice of voluntary service   Nov-2003
D. R. of Congo: Children, not witches   Aug-2003
Venezuela-Colombia: War games for children?   Aug-2003
India: Snehasadan, abode of love   Aug-2003
Bolivia: Defending the world’s children   Aug-2003
Romania: At the roots of solidarity   Aug-2003
Sri Lanka: Butterflies in the garden   Aug-2003
Zimbabwe: Open house   Aug-2003
Europe: Take my hand…   Aug-2003
Kenya: Real life is not a movie   Jun-2003
Spain: Searching for a better future   Jun-2003
Mexico: In the beginning was the Word….   Jun-2003
Indonesia: Making waves   Jun-2003
Brazil: Church and State against hunger   Jun-2003
Austria: Flexible jobs, uncertain lives   Jun-2003
“A shelter for the roofless”   Jun-2003
Cameroon: “The place of justice is a hallowed place” by Marc Tapsoba SJ   Jun-2003
Indigenous peoples in East Asia: glancing back, looking forward   May-2003
Africa: Lobbying for peace   May-2003
El Salvador: March memories   May-2003
Belgium: Not what we do, but what we are   May-2003
India: Seeing is believing   May-2003
Must civilisations clash?   May-2003
Jesuit social apostolate: Rising to challenges   Apr-2003
Mexico: Employers or exploiters?   Apr-2003
Rwanda: First steps   Apr-2003
Japan: Foxes have holes …   Apr-2003
USA: Protecting unborn children   Apr-2003
India: The mustard seed of peace   Apr-2003
Portugal: Jesuits, migrants and refugees   Apr-2003
Spain: A Jesuit in jail   Mar-2003
India: Children against AIDS   Mar-2003
Chad: Does oil mean development?   Mar-2003
Haiti: Improving rural conditions   Mar-2003
Europe: Concern for the Gypsies   Mar-2003
USA: Betraying the American Spirit, by Jim Hug SJ   Mar-2003
International trade: An open debate   Mar-2003
Political parties and civil society: the challenge of Mumbai   Mar-2003
“I am because we are, and we are because I am”   Mar-2003
The voices of those struggling for dignity   Mar-2003
Zambia: Jesuits ruffle some GM feathers   Feb-2003
Italy: A welcoming house to many   Feb-2003
China: A flute for the Spirit   Feb-2003
World Social Forum: Changing the world together   Feb-2003
Paraguay: Elections without dreams   Feb-2003
Canada: Spiritual Exercises and Ecology   Feb-2003
15 February 2003: YES to peace and NO to war   Feb-2003
Colombia: The Patience of a Potter   Jan-2003
Malta: A Centre in the shipyards   Jan-2003
Malawi: No AIDS and no condoms   Jan-2003
Australia: Welcoming youths out of jail   Jan-2003
India: Asian Social Forum   Jan-2003
Peru: Bishop of the poor awarded   Jan-2003
General Curia curious about computers   Jan-2003
John Paul II, A permanent commitment for peace   Dec-2002
Bolivia: Land conflicts   Dec-2002
India: Jesuits against fundamentalism   Dec-2002
Africa: Fighting HIV/AIDS, a struggle for human rights   Dec-2002
Spain: Lobbying for basic education   Dec-2002
Canada: Spiritual Exercises for business leaders   Dec-2002
Indonesia: Assisting victims of terrorist bombing   Dec-2002
Europe: Toward a constitutional treaty   Dec-2002
USA: Letter from the Jesuit Conference to President George W. Bush   Nov-2002
Central-Eastern Europe: Economic transition to what?   Nov-2002
Kyoto and the Church   Nov-2002
Zimbabwe: Who controls NGOs? by Edward Rogers SJ   Nov-2002
European Social Forum: Solidarity without rhetoric   Nov-2002
SPECIAL: FTAA, a new Jesuit calling to global events   Nov-2002
Cambodia rises to its feet, by Enrique Figaredo SJ   Oct-2002
Iraq: Democracy by force?   Oct-2002
D. R. of Congo: AIDS and armed groups in Kisangani   Oct-2002
India: Botanical research awards   Oct-2002
Spain: Report on disparities   Oct-2002
SPECIAL: The FTAA, threat or opportunity?   Oct-2002
September 11 and International Law, by Benjamin J. Urmston SJ   Sep-2002
India: Forming Jesuits in Social Action   Sep-2002
Training AIDS workers in Africa   Sep-2002
Canada: Facing Cloning   Sep-2002
France: In memory of Henri Bussery SJ, by Pierre Martinot-Lagarde SJ   Sep-2002
New publication: “The Common Good and Christian Ethics”   Sep-2002
Looking back at Johannesburg   Sep-2002
A tale of the many Summits   Sep-2002
An interim balance sheet   Sep-2002
How goes the snail?   Sep-2002
Firm to declare, weak to agree and act   Sep-2002
March for Land, Justice & Peace   Sep-2002
“We cannot serve two masters, the WSSD and the WTO”   Aug-2002
Not just poverty eradication but also wealth alleviation   Aug-2002
Stewards, not owners   Aug-2002
Tragi-comedy, frustrations, needs and hopes   Aug-2002
“Don’t re-negotiate, just implement!”   Aug-2002
A world meeting, the meeting of different worlds   Aug-2002
Jesuit Delegation at Global Forum and World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD)   Aug-2002
Difficult beginning at the Civil Society Global Forum   Aug-2002
Struggles and the Summit   Aug-2002
Globalisation, Victims and Solidarity, by Jon Sobrino SJ   Jul-2002
Korea: Organic farmers crying in the wilderness, by John Jung Il-Woo SJ   Jul-2002
The Exodus story of Sudan, by Zaoro Hyacinthe Loua SJ   Jul-2002
Uruguay: Workshops for mothers in prison   Jul-2002
India: Nectar for justice   Jul-2002
Cannes Film Festival after 11 September, by Marc Gervais SJ   Jul-2002
Johannesburg Summit: Why go?   Jul-2002
African Jesuit AIDS Network   Jun-2002
Colombia / USA: Twinning for peace and justice   Jun-2002
Italy: Battling usury and unemployment   Jun-2002
Brazil: Drawing near to the Amazon river people   Jun-2002
Canada: Government puts an ear to the ground   Jun-2002
Johannesburg Summit: Water as the common good   Jun-2002
“Pray for peace in Jerusalem” (Psalm 122,6)   May-2002
East Timor: Starting with a clean slate   May-2002
Italy: Who’s afraid of immigrants?   May-2002
D. R. of Congo: Spanish Jesuit abducted, Belgian struck   May-2002
USA: Jesuit shareholders swing weight for Africans   May-2002
Nepal: Quietly teaching peace   May-2002
Inter-conviviality in the former Eastern bloc   May-2002
Johannesburg Summit: An example of misdevelopment among the Maya   May-2002
An Open Letter to George W. Bush   Apr-2002
Venezuela: Turning a train crash to the good, by Arturo Sosa SJ   Apr-2002
India: Tribals protest being cannon fodder   Apr-2002
Zimbabwe: Compromise could save a nation   Apr-2002
Spain: New magazine for us all   Apr-2002
Madagascar: The Presidential impasse   Apr-2002
Summit of Johannesburg: No hors d’oeuvres at Monterrey   Apr-2002
On AIDS in Africa, by Joe Arimoso SJ   Mar-2002
“Last chance for a Latin American Argentina” by Marcos Alemán SJ   Mar-2002
India: Gujarat in flames   Mar-2002
South-East Asia: Helping workers on the move   Mar-2002
Israel/Palestine: Ambassadors of reconciliation   Mar-2002
USA: Legal work for collective justice   Mar-2002
Johannesburg summit: “To put our world on a more durable footing”   Mar-2002
Honduras: They killed our René   Feb-2002
Northern Ireland: What’s happening? by Brian Lennon SJ   Feb-2002
Brazil: Solidarity with prisoners   Feb-2002
Australia: Refugee asylum policy beware   Feb-2002
Southern Europe: Can job flexibility and security mix?   Feb-2002
Africa: Launch of a Jesuit journal   Feb-2002
World Social Forum: Monolith tumblers   Feb-2002
Germany: Meeting God out on the streets   Feb-2002
Johannesburg: Environment and poverty are back on the front burner   Feb-2002
Europe: Becoming multicultural   Jan-2002
India: a new lioness in town   Jan-2002
International stamina for justice   Jan-2002
Indonesia: three-wheeling in Jakarta   Jan-2002
Romania: “D’you have a place for me?”   Jan-2002
Immigrants tell their stories at the General Curia in Rome   Jan-2002
France: Christians rise to battle consumerism   Jan-2002
John Paul II, “No peace without justice”   Dec-2001
Ecuador: Families first need a roof   Dec-2001
Korea: Living with illegal squatters   Dec-2001
Poland: Family for children without families   Dec-2001
India: Villages for the future   Dec-2001
USA: Mexican immigrants   Dec-2001
After 11 September, is there hope for peace? by Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini SJ   Dec-2001
Ecology: “Listening to the leaves”   Nov-2001
Lebanon: Servants are people too   Nov-2001
Indigenous Peru: Between army and guerrillas   Nov-2001
India: Following the Lord’s footsteps in South Asia   Nov-2001
Mexico: A liberation   Nov-2001
Central-Eastern Europe: Welcoming people on the move   Nov-2001
Germany: Living with Muslims   Nov-2001
USA: Two Jesuits prizes   Nov-2001
September 11th in the US media   Nov-2001
JRS “Dispatches” turns 100!   Oct-2001
Zambia: GM crops dumped   Oct-2001
Germany: Globalization ethics and social capital   Oct-2001
Albania: Coastal villages of the gods   Oct-2001
Christian-Muslim Talking Points   Oct-2001
Mexico: They’ve killed our colleague   Oct-2001
Burundi: Martyr of the poor   Oct-2001
Micronesia: Social challenges for small islands   Sep-2001
India: Defending the Goan language   Sep-2001
Europe: Their faces make you think   Sep-2001
Colombia: Not repression but protection   Sep-2001
Rwanda: A project for genocide orphans   Sep-2001
U.S.A.: Reflections on the terrorist attacks   Sep-2001
The G8 at Genoa: A sequel   Aug-2001
Bosnia: Young visitors break the isolation   Aug-2001
U.S.A.: A private school for the poor   Aug-2001
Northern Ireland: The wobbly road towards reconciliation   Aug-2001
Taiwan: To abolish the death penalty   Aug-2001
Zambia: Debt deal a bad deal   Aug-2001
Mexico: Human Rights in the name of Blessed Miguel Pro   Aug-2001
G8 Genoa   Jul-2001
Peru: The quake destroys… solidarity builds   Jul-2001
India: A centre of counter-ideology   Jul-2001
Unemployment falling, insecurity rising   Jul-2001
D. R. of Congo: CLC close to the most desperate   Jul-2001
Canada: Invitation to young Native people   Jul-2001
Jamaica: Jesuit murder   Jun-2001
Environmental love in India   Jun-2001
Brazil: Research centres confront rapid change   Jun-2001
Italy: Faithful to the prisoners   Jun-2001
Latin America: What is this “Civil Society”?   Jun-2001
South Africa: “The wide and comprehensive domain of politics”   Jun-2001
Teaching with Compassion in the Globalized World   May-2001
India: An ‘orchard’ for tribals and their cause   May-2001
Madagascar: A new thrust for justice   May-2001
Honduras: Theatre as if laughing children mattered   May-2001
Philippines: Training staff for their social mission   May-2001
France: Sessions “For a Time of Justice”   May-2001
Social justice falling out of fashion   Apr-2001
Chile: Back to the Mapuche   Apr-2001
Egypt: Providential help for everyone   Apr-2001
India: The long road back in Gujarat   Apr-2001
Italy: When society “discards” people   Apr-2001
China: Taking care of lepers   Apr-2001
“A Jesuit in science is a man of God”   Apr-2001
New publications   Apr-2001
United States: Justice mounts to the pulpit   Mar-2001
Publishing in Japan and Catalonia: Happy 100th!   Mar-2001
Venezuela: Education where the asphalt roads don’t reach   Mar-2001
France: Who’s afraid of the baby-snatchers?   Mar-2001
Sri Lanka: Living peacefully is possible   Mar-2001
Russia: the suffering of re-birth   Mar-2001
India: The shaken earth of Gujarat   Feb-2001
Slovenia: The dialogue of action   Feb-2001
Europe: Provincials and Migrants   Feb-2001
Is globalisation good for you?   Feb-2001
Ivory Coast: A research institute shoulder to shoulder with small artisans   Feb-2001
Uruguay: Death of Perico   Feb-2001
Taiwan: Foreign workers routinely violated   Jan-2001
Paraguay: Forming young political leaders   Jan-2001
Ireland: Dying on the streets   Jan-2001
India: The voices of God’s children   Jan-2001
Portugal: Inserted among the poor   Jan-2001
Fighting corruption   Jan-2001
Refugee Book: “Everybody’s Challenge”   Jan-2001
El Salvador: On the earthquake by Jon Sobrino SJ   Jan-2001
Southern Europe: Renewal and cohesion urgently needed   Jan-2001
John Paul II's Message for the World Day of Peace, 2001   Dec-2000
Central-Eastern Europe: Is “social Justice” still a dirty word?   Dec-2000
India: Borewells in the forest   Dec-2000
Albania: First addiction programme in the Balkans   Dec-2000
Argentina: To build the country   Dec-2000
Zambia: Centre in Lusaka keeps government on its toes   Dec-2000
Honduras: Jesuit and parish awarded human rights prize   Dec-2000
USA: Father General challenges universities   Nov-2000
India: Teaching botanical love   Nov-2000
Spain: “To heal the violence”   Nov-2000
Latin America: New social initiatives   Nov-2000
Central Europe: Tolerating xenophobia   Nov-2000
Australia: Confronting drugs   Oct-2000
Brazil: CNAS meets young Jesuits   Oct-2000
Canada: Media summit   Oct-2000
Africa: World Aids Conference   Oct-2000
Israel/Palestine: Conflicts to be transformed   Oct-2000
Brazil: Plebiscite   Oct-2000
India: Profile of the IDEAS Centre   Oct-2000
Hungary: Faith communities among the ruins   Oct-2000
Nepal: Drug rehab   Sep-2000
France: Migrants   Sep-2000
El Salvador: Rural development   Sep-2000
USA: New volunteer corps   Sep-2000
The power of symbols