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(01/12) Feast/Memorial/Season of:

Saint Edmund Campion & Martyrs of England

Between 1581 and 1679 ten Jesuits died for their refusal to accept the Oath of Supremacy giving Queen Elizabeth I sovereignty over the Church of England. They remained faithful to the Pope and lived as fugitives to provide sacraments and pastoral care to Catholics who hid priests in their homes from those who systematically hunted them down. Some of the Jesuits who were martyred were well-known before their deaths, like Father Edmund Campion who had been a lecturer at Oxford before becoming a Jesuit. Others worked in anonymity, like Brother Nicholas Owen who used his skills as a mason to construct hiding places in hundreds of homes across England. What unites this group of men whom the Church honors today is their fearless pastoral service despite the imminent threat of death if they were captured. The Jesuits honored are: Edmund Arrowsmith, Alexander Briant, Edmund Campion, Philip Evans, Thomas Garnet, David Lewis, Henry Morse, Nicholas Owen, Robert Southwell and Henry Walpole.
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Saint Edmund Campion
Saint Roberth Southwell
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Saint Henry Morse
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