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Ignatian Rome: La Storta

La Cappella di S. Ignazio di Loyola

In November, 1537, Ignatius was traveling with Peter Faber and James Lainez towards Rome on the road from Sienna. Not too far outside the city, alongside the Via Cassia, the three priests stopped to pray in a small roadside chapel of the type at which pilgrims often paused. The Via Cassia followed an ancient Rome road and was perhaps the most-traveled route for pilgrims to arrive at Rome. In this humble chapel Ignatius had one of the most famous and important visions of a life full of mystical prayer. Jesus appeared carrying his cross while from the Heavens, the Holy Father looked down, and Ignatius heard these confirming words, “I will be propitious to you in Rome.”
Modern pilgrims can easily reach La Storta by taking the train that goes through the station at St. Peter’s. Upon exiting the train station in La Storta, walk ahead one block and the chapel will be right in front of you, alongside the busy modern highway. The chapel is ordinarily locked but the local parish has a key.