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Ignatian Rome: Monastario di San Pietro in Montorio

Saint Peter's on the Janiculum

Several blocks up the Janiculum Hill on the other side of the Tiber River from the Gesu Church is the monastery where Ignatius' confessor, Fray Teodosio da Lodi, O.F.M., lived. "Montorio" is a corruption of "Mons Aureus" (Golden Hill).
When Ignatius was elected general by the brethren April 8,1541, he asked that the election be repeated.
"Ignatius gave a talk according to the sentiments he felt, affirming that he found in himself a greater wish and intention to be governed than to rule over others; that he was not capable of governing himself, how much less of governing others."
After the second election on April 13 yielded the same result, Ignatius made a triduum at San Pietro in Montorio April 14-16 and prepared a general confession of his past life. Fray Teodosio told Ignatius that he would be resisting the Holy Spirit if he did not accept the election as General. Nonetheless, the Founder asked the confessor to pray over the matter once more and then to send his judgment to the Companions in a sealed envelope.

A historical vignette:
Ignatius used to come frequently to celebrate Mass here, probably in the little chapel of Bramante. An erroneous interpretation of a text had in the Middle Ages led to the claim that this was the scene of Peter's crucifixion.
In January 1549, before leaving India for Japan, Francis Xavier wrote to Ignatius: "Greatly do I desire, my Father, that each month during an entire year, you have some father of the Society say a Mass for me at San Pietro in Montorio, in that chapel where they say that St Peter was crucified."
Ignatius carried out the wish of Xavier.