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Ignatian Rome: Palazzo Apostolico

Vatican Apostolic Palace

During the life of Ignatius, the Apostolic Palace consisted of the buildings west of the Cortile San Damaso, between St. Peter's Basilica and the Cortile del Belvedere--including, of course, the Sistine Chapel and the Borgia Apartments. The building in which the pope has usually lived in our time was built for Sixtus V by the architect Domenico Fontana 30 years after the death of Ignatius.
Ignatius frequently went to the Apostolic Palace for audiences with the pope and visits with cardinals who resided here, among them, Cardinal Cervini and Cardinal Moroni.
It was in the residence "at Saint Peter's" that Paul III gave the bull, "Iniunctum nobis" (1544), and that Julius III further confirmed the growing Society's "Formula Instituti" with his bull, "Exposcit debitum" (1550).