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Ignatian Rome: Castel Sant' Angelo

Holy Angel Fortress

On Easter Tuesday, April 3, 1537, the companions held a theological discussion in the presence of Paul III while he ate dinner at Castel Sant' Angelo. Ignatius recalled the event: "Afterwards a number of cardinals, bishops and doctors of theology came in and discussed theology with them. Doctor Ortiz was among them, and other distinguished theologians. As a result, the pope was so pleased, and all those present as well, that they began to give them every possible favor. (Pope Paul gave them) permission to go to Jerusalem bestowing his blessing once, twice, and exhorting them to persevere in their projects. He gave them about 60 ducats in alms; the cardinals and other persons present gave them more then 150 ducats. To those who were priests the pope gave the faculty to hear confessions and absolve from cases reserved to bishops. To those who were not priests he gave dimissorial letters... whereby on three successive feast days or Sundays, any bishop could ordain them subdeacon, deacon and priest."
Here on Sept. 2, 1549 Paul III received in audience Peter Canisius who was setting out for Germany, and with him, ten Jesuit scholastics who were going to set up the College of Palermo.
At the time of the Suppression, Father General Lorenzo Ricci was imprisoned in Castel Sant' Angelo from Sept. 24, 1773 until he died there Nov. 24, 1775.