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Ignatian Rome: I Banchi

I Banchi

In the time of Ignatius the neighborhood between the Chiesa Nuova and the Tiber was named for the banks set up there by the Florentines, especially in the present-day Via di Banco S. Spirito, Street of Holy Spirit Bank.
It was a place where people gathered, where charlatans circulated, and vendors sold their wares. Ignatius sent the novices for street-preaching, not just for the apostolate, but also for the humbling experience.
Ignatius himself preached here. One Leonardo Bini recalled seeing him teach catechism alongside of the Banco di Santo Spirito, the building at the corner of Corso Vittorio and the Via dei Banchi Nuovi. Urchins threw apples at him, but with great patience Ignatius went right on with his instruction.