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Ignatian Rome: Palazzo della Sapienza

Wisdom Hall; Location: Corso del Rinascimento

This 16th-century building was the seat of the University of Rome which Boniface VIII founded in 1303. Before this present building was erected in 1587, Pierre Favre and Diego Lainez lectured in the university here gratis in the academic year of 1537-1538. Favre taught a course on Holy Scripture. Lainez gave a commentary on Gabriel Biel's "Canon of the Mass." In later years Lainez used to say that at the beginning his teaching was not satisfactory, so much so that Ignatius was ashamed of him, but that later his lectures improved and general satisfaction increased.
As "Masters of the University of Paris" the early companions enjoyed academic respect and privilege, but were also willing to teach basic catechism and care for homeless people in shelters for the poor