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Ignatian Rome: Pantheon

In the St. Thomas Chapel (right side of the transept) is the tomb of Pope Paul IV Carafa (1555-1559). Although he had reservations about some details of the Society's Institute, he did not wish to touch anything during the lifetime of Ignatius. To the Collegio Romano Paul IV granted the authority to confer academic degrees even though Rome already had a papal university.
Upon the death of Ignatius, Paul IV had the Constitutions examined, but returned them intact. According to Nadal, this fact was considered a real approval of those Constitutions. Yet, shortly after, Paul IV imposed on the Society the obligation of singing the divine office in choir, and he cut the general's term from life to a period of three years. Since, however, the order was only given orally, it was upon his death in 1559 superseded canonically by the promulgated Bulls of his predecessors. The new pope, Pius IV, reconfirmed the Society's Institute