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Category: Communication and the arts
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Aggiornamenti Sociali Rivista della provincia d'Italia. Mensile italiano pubblicato dalla Compagnia di Gesú. Analizza i problemi emergenti di tipo socio-culturale, economico alla luce dell'insegnamento sociale della Chiesa.
America Magazine on the Web A weekly magazine published by Jesuits of the United States for thinking Catholics and for those who want to know what Catholics are thinking.
Australian Catholics Australian Catholics is published five times per year and is distributed nationally through Catholic schools and parishes. Private subscriptions are also available on request. Australian Catholics is aimed at all members of the Catholic community.
Biblica A Journal devoted to research in Biblical topics published by the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome.
Byc dla innych (Be for others) - Quarterly on Education Byc dla innych (Be for others) - Quarterly on Education (Polish)
Chikuni Radio A community radio station in Southern Zambia
Christian Hagiography Société des Bollandistes
Company A Magazine of the American Jesuits.
Coro Santo Inácio Lisboa, Portugal
Dobra kniha, Jesuit publisher in Slovakia Slovakian publishing operation
DRAMATA FESTIVA Le théâtre des Jésuites au Collège de Luxembourg de 1603 à 1717
Ediciones Mensajero Editorial de la Provincia de Loyola en Bilbao (España)
Edições Loyola Edições Loyola, Loyola Multimídia, Brasil.
Éditions Lessius Entreprise éditoriale dirigée par des jésuites de la Province belge méridionale de la Compagnie de Jésus.
Editorial Salterrae Divulgación de la Teología, Espiritualidad Cristiana, Sociología, Pastoral, Psicología, Ciencias Humanas.
Études Études-revue de culture contemporaine
Eureka Street A magazine of public affairs, the arts and theology; published in Australia.
Gujarat Sahitya Prakash GSP provides with spiritual reading materials to the seekers. Gujarat Sahitya Prakash is primarily a Jesuit Publishing House.
JESCOM Jesuítas em Comunicação JESCOM Jesuítas em Comunicação.
JESCOM Jesuitas en comunicación JESCOM Jesuitas en comunicación.
Jesuit Communications - Philippines The Garage: JesCom Creative Technologies offers training in video and multimedia production as well as web design, graphics and desktop publishing.
Jesuit Communications Zimbabwe In touch with Church and faith
Jesuit Publications Jesuit Publications offers magazines on prayer, spirituality, Catholic life, theology, current affairs and the arts connecting Ignatian philosophy and spirituality to everyday life. We publish for all age groups and for a wide variety of life experiences.
Jesuits in the Performing Arts Company, a magazine of American Jesuits engaged in artistic endeavors.
Jesuits in the Visual Arts Company, a magazine of American Jesuits engaged in artistic endeavors.
Kuangchi Program Service Kuangchi's objective is to use audio-visual media to improve the spiritual quality of life in Chinese society.
Loyola Press Loyola Press publishes books and materials that help you appreciate the wisdom, beauty, and vitality of the 2,000-year-old Catholic tradition of story and sacrament, mystery and mercy, catholicity and compassion.
Loyola Productions Jesuit television and video producers, based in Los Angeles
Madonna A magazine of prayer and spirituality published by the Australian Jesuits.
Magis Productions By Don Doll, S.J.
Misión Jesuita Multimedia Centro de Producción y Taller de Comunicación y Cultura.
Misión Jesuita Multimedia Textos y documentos, imagenes y video, audio de programas.
Nativity Mission Center New York
Popoli Mensile internazionale della Compagnia di Gesú.
Radio ECCA Fundación Canaria Radio ECCA Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, ESPAÑA
Revista Interacción CEDAL Comunicación Educativa.
Revista Mensaje Chile Opinión, reflexión y commentarios economicos, politicos, sociales, religiosos
Teatro la Fragua Desde El Progreso, Honduras, Teatro la Fragua ofresce teatro professional.
Teatro la Fragua Based in El Progreso, Honduras, Teatro la Fragua is a professional theater company.
The Institute of Jesuit Sources The Institute of Jesuit Sources.
The Jesuit Communication Project The major work of the Jesuit Communication Project (JCP) is to encourage, promote, and develop Media Education in schools across Canada.
The Sacred Heart Messenger The Sacred Heart Messenger is an official publication of the Apostleship of Prayer.
The Sacred Heart Messenger Publisher of books and magazines
The Tablet International Catholic weekly published in London.
The Way Ignatian Book Service An online shop for Ignatian specialist resources
Yesuve Aandavar A Tamil Catholic Magazine online


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