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South Europe Assistancy

Provinces: Spain, Euro-Mediterranean, Portugal, Romania

Website CEP (Conference of European Provincials)

Province web sites

Jesuitas en España
Gesuiti in Albania (Euro-Mediterranea)
Gesuiti in Italia (Euro-Mediterranea)
Jesuits in Malta (Euro-Mediterranea)
Jesuítas em Portugal
Iezuitii in Romania

Note: for email addresses, please replace the three characters, /%/, with the conventional email symbol, @

Conference of European Provincials
3, rue des Trévires
B-1040 Bruxelles, (Belgique)
E-mail: president/%/jesuits.eu

Provincia de España (Spain Province)
Avenida de la Moncloa, 6
28003 Madrid, (España)
E-mail: esp.curia/%/jesuitas.es

Provincia Euro-Mediterranea (Euro-Mediterranean Province)
Via degli Astalli, 16
00186 Roma, (Italia)
E-mail: eum-socio/%/gesuiti.it
Província Portuguesa (Portugal Province)
Estrada da Torre, 26
1750-296 Lisboa, (Portugal)
E-mail: ppcj/%/jesuitas.pt

Romania Region
Aleea Zânelor, 9A
040438 Bucarest, (Romania)
E-mail: curiareg/%/iezuiti.ro

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