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Magazine or journal: Envío

Country Nicaragua
Year started 1981
Language English
Website http://www.envio.org.ni
Email info@envio.org.ni
Description Our magazine was born in February 1981, a year and a half after the triumph of the Sandinista Revolution. Its name comes from the Spanish verb enviar, to send, because we wanted to send everyone news about the revolutionary process that was putting Nicaragua on the world map. In 2003, we decided to put our more than 20 years of work in this universal library called Internet. These texts are perhaps the most complete public documentation of what happened in Nicaragua in the eighties, one of the most important stages in the country’s history. They also document what has happened in the region since then, as Nicaragua and its neighboring countries and peoples continue their search for peace, democracy and equity. We are still reporting from and on Nicaragua and the rest of Central America; we are one of the voices from the South that find it increasingly difficult to be heard, perhaps bacause we remain committed to a project of justice that opens space for all peoples and keeps alive the hope of such a world.