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Magazine or journal: Eureka Street

Country Australia
Year started
Language English
Website http://www.eurekastreet.com.au/
Email eureka@eurekastreet.com.au

Eureka Street has been a monthly, and briefly bi-monthly, print magazine for the past 15 years, commencing in March 1991. It has always styled itself a publication on public affairs, the arts and theology. The print version had an important place within the independent media. It earned a reputation for good and thought-provoking writing, from an inclusively catholic perspective.

Eureka Street is about encouragement. That is to say it is courageous. It is not rashly bold, but it focuses unwaveringly on the human dimensions of individual, communal, political and international situations. This focus is consistent with the mission of the Australian Jesuits, the owner of the Eureka Street masthead. To prize humanity in a world in which economic and consumerist values dominate, is often to be isolated.

Eureka Street has been committed to tell stories from human perspectives often lacking in other media. The publication is informed by a catholic moral perspective and its world view is influenced by the outward-looking social mission of the Australian Jesuits.