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Vol. XXII, No. 16, October 8, 2018



Father General was recently in Spain to attend the General Assembly of the Jesuit Conference of European Provincials (JCEP) in Barcelona, as well as the 47th International Congress of Fe y Alegría in Madrid. Addressing the delegates at the Fe y Alegria Congress, Father General observed that "Fe y Alegría has become a frontier education network that gives a new look to the Society of Jesus' educational apostolate. One could even say that Fe y Alegría is the most significant international network of quality education for the low-income population sectors, which the Society of Jesus, in collaboration with so many other congregations and people, provides to the Church and to the world." Read Father General's full speech here... 



Forces of withdrawal, fear and mutual exclusion besiege Europe

The president of the Jesuit Conference of European Provincials (JCEP) says forces of withdrawal, fear and mutual exclusion are besieging Europe. In an interview at the Jesuit General Curia in Rome, Fr Franck Janin said, "one of the major challenges of our Conference is to continue to build a true union of hearts and minds among us. It is clear that religious or not we are influenced by the socio-political conditions in which we live. This tends to undermine understanding and unity among nations or regions. It also reflects on our relationships between Jesuits." Read more...


Challenges of our mission in South Asia

The president of the Jesuit Conference of South Asia (JCSA) has bemoaned the growing influence of fundamentalism and narrow nationalism. Fr. George Pattery says, "the growing fundamentalism, narrow nationalism and hate campaign that is being promoted by the present regime in India, is a matter of great concern and challenge. The minorities, especially the Muslims, feel alienated. This is not good for the country. As a Conference, we circulated a statement interrogating the ideology of a Hindu nation and we are engaged in on-going study and reflection. This movement is potentially a divisive force that can rupture the social fabric." Read more...



Flows of migrants, flows of money

Ahead of the European Union Heads of state meeting in Salzburg, Jesuits in Africa and Europe expressed concern based on original research. Fr. Johannes Siebner (Provincial of the German Jesuit Province), Fr. Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator (President of the Jesuit Conference of Africa and Madagascar - JCAM), and Fr. Bernhard Bürgler (Provincial of the Austrian Jesuit Province) were among many of the signatories of a joint letter titled "Flows of migrants, flows of money", a petition for justice.

They protest against any narrative depicting migrants as a threat to Europe's stability and prosperity, the treatment of migration from Africa as a criminal offence ("illegal migration").

Rather than going tough on symptoms, they argue, there is need to deal with the underlying root causes for those migratory movements, e.g. illicit financial flows, which prevent African countries from developing. Read more...

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