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Vol. XXII, No. 4, March 5, 2018



Father General has appointed:


- Fr Barnabé Ramahatradraibe (MDG) as Regional Secretary for Africa at the General Curia in Rome. Fr Ramahatradraibe was born in 1964, entered the Society in 1985, and was ordained in 1996. At present he is Socius to the Provincial of Madagascar Province. Fr Ramahatradraibe takes over from Fr Rigobert Kyungu (ACE) as Regional Secretary for Africa. 



GUYANA: Jesuits meet on Caribbean Social Problems

Fifty Jesuits from around the Caribbean and South America gathered between January 15 and 18 for a "Caribbean Common Social Problems" seminar aimed to deepen knowledge of Guyana and its place in the Caribbean Jesuit Mission, and expand the current understanding of common issues of concerns and how they impact Jesuit apostolic work and the lives of Caribbean peoples. Some of the major conclusions were on the issues of Caribbean migration, informal economy and the international movement of Cubans, Ecological challenges and inequality and its repercussions in Caribbean societies. Read more (in Spanish)...


SRI LANKA: Jesuits to give a "Sri Lankan face" to reconciliation

Helping a fractured and war-ravaged nation piece itself back together through reconciliation has become a top priority for priests serving the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in Sri Lanka. As part of that, making sure children who live in some of the worst hit areas receive a proper education is crucial to reviving and unifying the country after three decades of violent conflict, they say. As such, the theme of reconciliation emerged as a key topic at the Feb. 17-21 meeting of the Jesuit Conference of South Asia. Read more...



IRELAND - Responding to Injustice: An Ignatian Approach

Responding to Injustice: An Ignatian Approach, a book published by Education for Justice - Jesuit Schools Ireland, provides students with the opportunity to understand the real meaning of Justice. Grounded in Christian Values and an Ignatian Charism, this module sets out to foster "a spiritual vision of the world in the face of materialism, a simplicity in the face of consumerism, and a concern for others in the face of egoism and injustice". The module consists of twelve sequential lessons leading to a concrete response. The lessons comprise an array of teacher-led, student-led, individual and group activities. The use of visual images, audio-visual clips, questions, worksheets, role-plays, reflection, meditation, and class discussions demonstrate this. Read more...

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