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    Vol. XXII, No. 11 June 20, 2018



    Discerning Future apostolic preferences based on founding documents

    Discerning Universal Apostolic Preferences for the next ten years and a review of key Jesuit sources were major themes of a June meeting at the Jesuit General curia. A full day was spent in a spiritual and reflective reading of the Formula of the Institute - the founding document of the Society of Jesus. Father José García de Castro, a Spanish Jesuit and an expert in Ignatian Spirituality and in the Jesuit Constitutions, guided a series of meditations and reflections. The Consiglio then connected the concepts and experiences of Ignatius in the 16th century to contemporary times. The Formula of the Institute speaks about ministries of reconciliation as being one of the foundational themes; and indeed the word 'reconciliation' has been a major focus of recent General Congregations. Read more...



    JRS: World Refugee Day - 4 Words to Open the World

    Pope Francis has urged the global community to adopt a shared response to the global refugee situation that may be articulated in four words: welcome, protect, promote and integrate. This World Refugee Day, the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) and Entreculturas are building upon Pope Francis's words to advocate for refugee education with the campaign 4 Words to Open the World. Read more...



    CHINA: An exhibition in Hang Zhou to commemorate Jesuit missionary Martino Martini

    An exhibition dedicated to the cartographic work of the Jesuit from Trentino, Fr. Martino Martini (1614-1661) was inaugurated at the headquarters of the China-Italy Centre in Hang Zhou, capital of the Chinese Province of Zhe Jiang, to commemorate the 375th anniversary of the arrival of the great missionary in that city. The inauguration took place on 2 June, the day on which the national holiday of the Italian Republic, home of Martini, is celebrated. Hundreds of Chinese and Italian academics and scholars took part in the event, co-organised by the China-Italy Centre for Promotion of Culture and Trade, the Martino Martini Italian Study Centre, Edulife Italy-China and the Zhe Jiang Province Association for the Promotion of Chinese Culture Abroad. Read more (in Italian)...


    NICARAGUA: Jesuits call for a peaceful resolution to political crisis

    The Jesuits of Central America are calling for a peaceful and negotiated resolution to the political crisis in Nicaragua. In a recent statement, the Society of Jesus in Nicaragua affirms that a peaceful outcome of the crisis is the unanimous wish of the population, which is claiming for democracy, freedom and justice. The Jesuits point out that over 100 Nicaraguans have already been killed for supporting such a constitutional and ethical demand. The Society of Jesus in Nicaragua says it is convinced the nation is still in time to try and avoid further radicalism, more bloodshed, and more pain. Read more...