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    Vol. XXII, No. 1 January 18, 2018



    Father General has appointed:


    - Fr Amrit Rai (NEP), the new Regional Superior Nepal Region. Fr Rai was born in 1966, entered the Society in 1990, and was ordained in 2001. His previous assignments include: Principal at St Xavier's High School, Deonia; Principal at St Xavier's High School, Godavari; and Principal at St. Xavier's School, Kathmandu. He has taken over as Regional Superior from Fr Boniface Tigga. 



    BELGIUM: Welcoming and including migrants

    In a climate of divisive rhetoric and xenophobic populism from political leaders in Europe, Jesuit Refugee Service Europe's new research published recently shows that overwhelming numbers of Europeans actively welcome and include forced migrants in their communities. "Our findings show that politicians are lagging behind ordinary citizens when it comes to the social inclusion of forced migrants," says JRS Europe director Fr José Ignacio García Jimenez. "It is time for governments around Europe to support, invest in and learn from civil society initiatives that pave the way for successful and dynamic communities, where all members, new and old have space to contribute." The full report is available here...


    CANADA-US: Caring for our Common home and the most vulnerable

    The Jesuit Conference Office of Justice and Ecology, along with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, and with Catholic and faith-based partners is advocating for U.S. leadership to mitigate climate change and to help poor communities in poor countries to adapt to climate impacts. We are also raising before the U.S. Congress, the Administration and international bodies, the environmental and human rights concerns of local and indigenous peoples surrounding extractive industry projects affecting their lands and natural resources. Read more for Resources, Reports, Statements and Sign-ons.


    HONDURAS: Jesuits denounce threats against outspoken Honduran priest

    On December 30, 2017, the conference of Jesuit provincials in Latin America and the Caribbean (CPAL) released a letter defending Fr. Ismael Moreno, a Jesuit priest in Honduras commonly known as "Padre Melo," holding Honduran president "Juan Orlando Hernández and his allies responsible for the safety and physical and moral well-being of the nine people falsely accused." The letter is in response to a flyer circulating on social media, falsely accusing Fr. Moreno and eight other regional leaders of inciting violence and involvement in narcotics trafficking. In the letter, Fr. Roberto Jaramillo, S.J., president of the conference of Jesuit provincials in Latin America and the Caribbean, compares the flyer to "death threats which circulated in El Salvador before the murder of Jesuit Fr. Rutilio Grande. 'Be a patriot - kill a priest,' said the flyers in that case." Fr. Moreno is the director of Radio Progreso, a Jesuit-sponsored human-rights radio station, and the Reflection, Investigation and Communication Team (ERIC), a Jesuit social action and analysis center, both based in Honduras. The full letter is available here...


    SOUTH AFRICA: Empowering women at JRS Arrupe Centres

    In South Africa, host to one of the largest populations of urban refugees in the world, the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) runs two centres for women refugees and asylum seekers. The centres, in Pretoria and Johannesburg, are named of JRS's founder, Fr Pedro Arrupe SJ, and run projects that empower women with applicable vocational skills. The life skills training courses offered at the Arrupe Centres range from English language to baking. Once students complete their courses, they are given start-up kits and the opportunity to attend a business training seminar, where they learn how to use their newly acquired skills to generate income for themselves and their families. Read more...


    SOUTH SUDAN: A Jesuit School in a war-torn country

    Loyola Secondary School (LSS) in Wau, South Sudan "serves as a sanctuary for students in an ethnically diverse country, bringing them together for studying and learning. Despite continuing violence, LSS has managed to create a unique space where young men and women can dream of a better future and begin to acquire the skills that will help them construct that future" says its principal, Fr Beatus Mauki SJ. Although the school was established in 1982 by the East African province, the civil war forced the school to close two years after opening and it did not re-open until 2008. Read more...


    SPAIN: "Jesuiten Etxea" in Durango celebrates 10 years of welcoming migrants

    The Jesuits have been in Durango for about 137 years. In 2007, aware of the growing situation of refugees and migrants, the Jesuit community discerned and decided to start the project of welcoming and integrating migrant people. The main objective was to offer a year of coexistence, training, social incorporation and support for immigrants, men or women. Most of the Jesuits are above 80 years old but they still think about how to restructure the community in the coming years. They are happy, because in these 10 years their home has become the home of 49 Africans who have come to stay in their hearts; they have been loved as they have loved. Their life has enriched each other. Read more..., Watch a video



    Pastoral Apps of the Loyola Communication Group

    The digital office of the Jesuit Province of Spain, the Loyola Communication Group, is offering some of its most valuable pastoral proposals through Apps for both iOS and Android as part of its mission to serve the promotion of the Gospel. They began with Rezandovoy, the online prayer proposal that has become a familiar presence in many religious areas in the Spanish-speaking world. In 2017, they launched the Taco del Corazón de Jesús App (Taco Mensajero 2018), available in two versions: one free with ads and one paid (€ 2.29). Now they release the app with the Jesuit Daily Gospel 2018. (You can also download it for 2,29 €). For this year 2018, the comments have been prepared by Fr Benjamín González Buelta SJ with his usual depth. We hope we can continue to reach more people so that they can find a space for faith and Gospel.


    Ignatian approach to leadership

    Is there an Ignatian approach to leadership? This question has been flying around in Jesuit circles for some time now. A group of six people involved in this topic at European level spent 4 days in Rome asking themselves this same question. This group, gathered by Fr. John Dardis SJ (Counsellor for Discernment and Apostolic Planning), revised the existing theories around leadership and, at the same time, connected to their experience and knowledge of Ignatian Spirituality. Read more...