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    Vol. XXI, No. 16 November 7, 2017



    A Jesuit is a universal man

    Father General Arturo Sosa has reminded the members of the Society of Jesus that to be a Jesuit is to be a universal man. Speaking to the Jesuit Major Superiors of Europe gathered at Ludwigshafen near Mannheim in Germany, from 14th-19th October, for the annual General Assembly of the Jesuit Conference of Europe, Fr Sosa emphasised that the Jesuit journey involves spiritual life, intellectual depth, and walking with others, and always focused on Christ. He noted that the challenges facing the Society today include paying attention to the importance of the intellectual apostolate as a tool for reconciliation; the unity of life and mission as a call for renewal in a personal, communitarian and institutional conversion; and the integration of migrants as a special evolving challenge.


    Our Education mission comes from the Christian faith

    Father General Arturo Sosa says Jesuit schools are a magnificent platform for listening to and serving the youth. Father General said this on 20 October 2017 in Rio di Janeiro where he addressed the International Congress for Jesuit Education (JESEDU-Rio2017). Speaking to the more than 100 Jesuits and collaborators from around the world, Father General reminded them that "Education and schools in particular, are part of the Society's missionary tradition." JESEDU-Rio2017, Father General said, "is an expression of the thanks we give to God and our benefactors in this area, an affirmation of the importance of the educational apostolate and a push to seek the audacity of the impossible that can carry us even further." Fr Sosa recalled that his predecessors, Frs. Pedro Arrupe and Peter-Hans Kolvenbach had often stated that the purpose of Jesuit education was "to train men and women for others and with others." JESEDU-Rio2017 brought together people serving in traditional education institutions and those serving in new institutional models, born to offer quality education to the poor and excluded. These include Fe y Alegría, Cristo Rey, Nativity Schools, and educational services offered by the Jesuit Refugee Service. Father General reminded the participants that "Our mission comes from the Christian faith. It is a service of reconciliation and justice born of the life of Christ, and it must be completed in his way, according to the conditions of our world." 



    INDIA: Belgian Jesuit translator of the Bengali Bible dies

    Jesuit Father Christian Mignon, a Belgian missionary who translated the Bible into the local language for people in the Indian state of West Bengal has died. He was 93. Father Mignon translated the Bengali Catholic Bible, popularly known as the "Mangalbarta (Good News) Bible." The Bible is commonly read by the Bengali Catholic people today both in West Bengal and neighboring Bangladesh which uses the same language. Father Mignon's translation of the Bible is also used in the local Catholic Church's liturgy. Father Christian Mignon, came to the Bengal mission at the age of 25. He was to make a unique contribution to religious life in Bengal, translating the Bible into Bengali over a 40-year period. The task, in which he was helped by Hindu poet and teacher, Sajal Banerjea, was completed in 2003. He had previously translated liturgical texts after the Second Vatican Council, which opened the way to the use of local languages in the Mass. Read more...


    INDONESIA: Indonesian university honours German-born Jesuit priest

    One of Indonesia's oldest universities has honoured a German-born Jesuit, Father Franz Magnis-Suseno, for his "huge contribution" to the study of philosophy in the country. The state-run Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, presented the priest with the award on Oct. 21 as part of celebrations to mark the philosophy faculty's 50th anniversary. "This award is given to recognize and to honour Father Magnis-Suseno's dedication, contribution and positive influence on the introduction and development of the study of philosophy," dean of the university's philosophy faculty Arqom Kuswanjono said. Father Magnis-Suseno, 81, has written 39 books and about 600 articles mainly on ethics, philosophy and Indonesian culture. Read more...


    MEXICO: Mexican & Latin American Jesuit University Networks Release Statement in Support of Immigrants in U.S.

    The Association of Universities Entrusted to the Society of Jesus in Latin America (AUSJAL) and the Jesuit University System (SUJ) in Mexico have released a statement in support of the immigrant population in the United States, and in particular undocumented students at the 28 Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States whose education  may be threatened by the recent DACA decision. The statement explicitly rejects policies which "exclude" people and notes that the current political landscape requires institutions of higher education to promote a culture of "global citizenship." AUSJAL is comprised of thirty Jesuit universities, colleges, and academic institutes in fourteen different countries in South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. SUJ is comprised of seven universities located across the country of Mexico, which are part of AUSJAL. Read more...


    UNITED STATES: AJCU President urges Jesuit alumni to respond to situation of undocumented young people

    The president of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities, Father Michael Sheeran, S.J., has made a direct plea to Jesuit-educated members of the USA Congress to respond to the situation of undocumented young people. He spoke during a press conference on Capitol Hill in support of the Dream Act on October 25. The Dream Act would provide a pathway to U.S. citizenship for over 800,000 undocumented college students and recent graduates currently part of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. These include many young people at the twenty-eight Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States. Ten percent of the members of U.S. Congress were educated at Jesuit colleges and universities, and even more at Jesuit high schools. Read more...