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    Vol. XXI, No. 15 October 20, 2017



    Child dignity in a digital world

    Father General Arturo Sosa says respecting and protecting children in the digital world is a priority of the Society of Jesus. In his remarks at the beginning of a conference on "Child Dignity in the Digital World" at the Gregorian University on 3 October 2017, Father Sosa said the commitment to care for children has roots in Saint Ignatius himself. "In the formula for the profession of final vows in the Society, after the Jesuit promises perpetual poverty, chastity and obedience, he then vows special care for the instruction of children." (Constitutions, [527]). Father General's full speech is available here...



    BRAZIL: Jesuit Pre-Secondary and Secondary Education meeting

    More than 100 Jesuits and lay collaborators from Jesuit schools and education networks around the world have gathered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for a congress on Jesuit education. The meeting will run from Monday, October 16th, to Friday, October 20th. According to a statement from JESEDU-Rio2017, "the participants will be working with the goal of establishing a common agenda as a global network of Jesuit education delegates, in which they will specify the challenges, priorities and responsibilities in order to guide Jesuit networking in secondary and pre-secondary education." Read more...


    MYANMAR: Jesuits take on a parish in a conflict zone

    On September 29, Bishop Raymond Sumlat Gam of the Diocese of Banmaw formally entrusted St Michael's Parish in Nanhlaing village in Banmaw Diocese to the care of the Society of Jesus. The handover ceremony coincided with the feast of the parish patron saint, St Michael the Archangel. The Diocese of Banmaw is situated in the south-eastern part of Kachin State, at the frontier of Myanmar with China. For the last six years, a war has been fought there by the majority Burmese government army against the Kachin Independence Army. Read more...



    Ignatius Loyola, a model for modern management

    The Financial Times recently ran a story that illustrates how the principles of Saint Ignatius Loyola are valuable and applicable in modern day management. According to the Financial Times article, Saint Ignatius' "entrepreneurial spirit and management abilities led to the creation of a vast global organisation that has thrived and fulfilled its mission for nearly 500 years." Those principles underlie Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business. The story explains how Saint Ignatius understood that shared governance would help to attract and unleash the best talent. "Leadership involves not just articulating a vision but also inspiring others to follow and execute it." Read more...