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    Vol. XXI, No. 19 December 20, 2017



    Remembering ARPN Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, S.I.

    The website dedicated to the memory of Father Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, S.I. is now available in the three languages, English, French and Spanish. Visit https://kolvenbach.jesuitgeneral.org to learn more about the 29th Superior General of the Society of Jesus. 



    Pope Francis has appointed:


    - Fr. Arturo Elberti (EUM) as consultor to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. Fr Elberti was born in 1951, entered the Society in 1971, and was ordained in 1981. He is a professor of the Theology of Sacraments at the Pontifical University of St. Anthony (The Antonianum) in Rome. 



    MYANMAR: Pope Francis urges Jesuits to be deeply grounded, rooted in the love of God

    On his recent visit to Myanmar, Pope Francis met with Jesuits serving in the country. He spoke to them on familiar themes, such as the freedom that God gives us to choose him or reject him; the call to Jesuits to be in and of the Church; how Jesuits should be deeply grounded, rooted in culture and in the love of God; the two necessary aromas for pastors: "the smell of the sheep and the smell of God".  Quoting Ezekiel, he spoke of the false shepherds who live richly from the milk (sustenance) and wool (clothing) of their sheep. Speaking of discernment he referred to the discerned decision of St Peter Claver that took him deeper and deeper in loving care for the slaves who arrived in Cartagena, Colombia.  He spoke of his sense of shame, knowing the sacrifices the faithful made to come to pray with the Pope.  To feel shame is a grace, he said, the grace Ignatius asks us to pray for in the First Week.  For Francis it is the grace that helps him know how to be a pastor. Read more...


    HAITI: Xavier Network continues Haiti rehabilitation after Hurricane Matthew

    One year on from the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti, the Xavier Network continues to support long-term rehabilitation, with special focus on education. Over 2 million people were affected when Hurricane Matthew devastated the south-west coast of Haiti in October 2016. The Xavier Network immediately activated its emergency protocol, appointing Entreculturas (Spain) as the lead agency for the humanitarian response. The Spanish development organisation managed the crisis on the ground, as part of Fe y Alegría, the biggest Jesuit education network in the world and one of Xavier Network's main strategic partners. Other network members have been fundraising and providing technical help and advice. Read more...


    TAIWAN: American priest given posthumous award for contribution to society

    American Jesuit priest Father George "Jerry" Martinson, who passed away in late May, was posthumously honoured by the Ministry of Education on 5 December for his lifetime contribution to social education in Taiwan. The lifetime award was accepted by his brother, Father Barry Martinson, at a ceremony at the education ministry in Taipei. "I feel truly honoured to accept this award on my brother's behalf," Martinson said. Speaking to reporters after the ceremony, Martinson said his brother believed that the media, with its broad reach, was one of the most effective ways to help raise awareness of various societal issues. Through the Kuangchi Program Service (KPS), a television studio in Taiwan that produces free educational programs, Father Jerry Martinson was able to tell the public the stories of various marginalized groups in the society, his brother said. Read more...



    Announcing a New Tertianship Programme

    The Conference of Africa and Madagascar (JESAM) announces the opening of a new tertianship programme. The programme will be based in Cape Town, South Africa, starting on 15 September 2018 and lasting for six months. Fr. Michael Lewis SJ will be the Instructor of the tertianship, assisted by Fr. James McGloin SJ. There are ten places available for the programme. Applications should be sent to Fr. Lewis on michael.lewis@jesuits.net


    90 years at Borgo Santo Spirito, 4

    On 8 December 2017, the Jesuit General Curia marked 90 years of presence at the current location on Borgo Santo Spirito 4, close to the Vatican. Here is an entry from the annals of the house for 8 December 1927:


    "On December 8, Father General (Wlodimir Ledochowski) wished to bless the new Curia under the auspices of the Immaculate Virgin, according to the formula of the Roman Ritual "pro nova domo benedicenda". The ceremony took place this way:


    Starting from the lower floors, Father General gradually ascended to the higher floors. All the Fathers and Brothers of each floor, after having received the blessing, also went up following Father General upstairs. On reaching the top floor, in front of the image of the Sacred Heart, placed at the head of the staircase, the consecration of the whole religious family to the Sacred Heart of Jesus was solemnly renewed."