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    Vol. XVIII, No. 19 19 September 2014


    Changes in the Central Government of the Society



    Dear Brothers,

    During these years of my service as Superior General, I have on various occasions made it known how generous the Society has been in offering capable, magnanimous and disponible individuals for the service of central Government. I said this during General Congregation 35, and I reaffirm it at this time as I announce several changes in the General Curia. Since some of these changes were already communicated in the past months through diverse means, with this letter, I wish to make known  some of the changes already in place as well as others that will take effect in the coming weeks and that will affect the composition of the General Congregation The decisions behind these changes were taken after due consultation with my Councilors, as well as with the Provincials in the case of the change of Assistant ad providentiam and Admonitor.

    On September 4, Fr. Arturo Sosa (VEN) began the exercise of his office as General Counselor, and Fr. Joseph Daoust (CDT) finished his service in that post.

    On September 19, Fr. Gabriel Ignacio Rodríguez Tamayo (COL) will begin to serve as Assistant ad providentiam, and Fr. James E. Grummer (WIS) will serve as Admonitor of Fr. General; as, Fr. Marcos Recolons (BOL) reliquish both these offices.

    On October 3, Fr. Miguel Cruzado Silveri (PER) will begin his service as Regional  Assistant for Southern Latin America and as General Counselor, thus relieving Fr. Marcos Recolons (BOL) of his posts in the General Curia.

    On December 3, Fr. Douglas Marcouiller (UCS) will begin to serve as Regional Assistant for the United States and as General Counselor. Fr. James E. Grummer will relinquish the office of Regional Assistant but will continue to serve as Assistant ad providentiam, General Counselor, and Admonitor of Fr. General.

    On September 10, it was announced that the Holy Father had appointed Fr. Robert J. Geisinger (CDT), the Procurator General, as Promoter of Justice for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Since he will begin to serve in that capacity immediately, I have named Fr. Fernando Mendoza Vargas (COL) as Acting Procurator General until the arrival of Fr. Benoît Malvaux (BML), who will assume the office of Procurator General on November 18.

    These years have given me many opportunities to thank the Lord for the valuable support I have received from these persons who are leaving their posts. Fathers Daoust, Geisinger and Recolons have at every moment proved themselves to be Jesuits totally dedicated to the mission entrusted to them, and they have been not only my close collaborators but also my cherished companions in the mission we share.

    I see the arrival of new faces and the various changes taking place in the heart of the central Government as a fresh call to renew our service and to make ourselves available for everything that the Lord will ask of us as we pursue our mission. Since these changes are taking place just before the convocation of the next General Congregation, I am convinced that the Lord, who is always generous with his gifts and graces, will be present in the journey we have committed ourselves to, so that we will know how to read the signs that will allow us to respond more effectively and more promptly to the present and future challenges of our mission.

    I am grateful for the generosity and availability of the persons and the Provinces affected by these changes, and I ask your prayers for all of them.


    Fraternally yours in the Lord,

    Adolfo Nicolás, S.I.

    Superior General


    Rome, 17 September 2014

    St. Robert Bellarmine


    (Original: Spanish)