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How could I get better…?

Father Gerald R. Blaszczak S.J.

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Date posted: 18 - Nov, 2011 | Length: 21:05

Father Gerald R. Blaszczak (born 1949) was fascinated by the openness, the social involvement, the intellectual search, the real piety and the friendship of the Jesuits at their High School in Dallas (USA) at the end of the sixties. He entered the New York province and studied New Testament and Islam mysticism. He started teaching at the newly opened Jesuit theologate in Nairobi (Kenya), became Novice Director of his Province and was responsible for “Mission and Identity” at the Jesuit Universities of Fordham (New York) and Fairfield (Connecticut). Father General appointed him as director of the new Curia Secretariat for the Promotion of Faith (which will involve also Ecumenical and Interreligious Dialogue and Ignatian Spirituality).

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