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Is God not crying along with the Creation?

Father Xavier Joseph S.J.

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Date posted: 14 - Jul, 2010 | Length: 21

Father Joseph Xavier is member of the Madurai Province, in the south of India, a region with many Dalits, castless people. He has been coordinator of social ministry at the Jesuit Conference of South Asia in Delhi. During that time he was able to mobilize 1500 very poor people to participate in the World Social Forum in Mumbai (2004). On the request of the Archbishop of Orissa, he has been sent to that region to encourage and motivate the people after the attacks, destruction of property, and killings perpetrated by Hindu extremists. He has been invited to the first meeting of the Jesuit Task force on ecology to see what the Jesuit response could be to the ecological crisis, taking into account the desire of General Congregation 35 to consider the right relationship to creation as a fundamental part of our Jesuit Mission today.

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