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Teaching as Transformation

Fr. Richard D'Souza SJ

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Date posted: 23 - Jul, 2009 | Length: 22:34

Fr. Richard D’Souza first arrived in Africa from his native Bombay, India, in 1979. Initially he taught in a rural high school on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro, and later was missioned to Kartoum, Sudan, where he ran a seminary for 13 years. Of course, he arrived there in the middle of the civil war and had to learn how to cope with the needs of refugees and prisoners. Currently, he is in charge of the Jesuit high school in Wau, in southern Sudan. The Jesuits were able to get the school building back after 20 years of war, but D’Souza had to be sure there were no land mines on the school grounds and that the trenches dug to house machine guns were filled in. Step by step he found desks, teachers and then students, some of whom had been child soldiers. He sees all of this as part of a process of transformation and healing that is very much in the tradition of the Society of Jesus.

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