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Shaped to the reality by another culture

Father Fernando Franco S.J.

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Date posted: 17 - Feb, 2011 | Length: 19:52

Father Fernando Fern√°ndez Franco (born: San Sebastian, Spain 1941) as a young Jesuit was sent to the Gujarat Province in India. Having received a doctorate in economy, he taught 20 years at the University of Ahmedabad, while at the same time working at the Social Center. After some years as research director of the Indian Social Institute of the Society of Jesus in Delhi, Fr. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach invited him in 2003 to become head of the Social Justice Secretariat in Rome. During these eight years he had the opportunity to visit and encourage almost all Jesuits working in the social apostolate throughout the world. During and after the 35th General Congregation he incorporated the issue of ecology and sustainability in the activity of the Social Justice Secretariat and guided the special task group on that issue. Now Fr. General has asked him to spend a couple of years at the African Jesuit Conference in Nairobi to help them in the development of a strategic apostolic plan.

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