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The first session in the aula and Father Nicolás’ resignation

The members of General Congregation 36 had the opportunity to participate, during the preceding days, in information sessions about their work and technical environment in the aula, including the use of the electronic t... >>> More

Fr. Bruno Cadoré, OP, to the Jesuits: The faith of audacity – the faith of the humble servant

The 215 members of the Jesuit General Congregation 36 celebrated Mass at the Church of the Gesù on October 2, to launch the Congregation. The main presider was Father Bruno Cadoré, the Master of the Order... >>> More

Father General Arturo Sosa SJ


Today in History

28 October

1956/ In La Vega, Dominican Republic, the inauguration of Radio Santa María, a station founded by the Jesuits to provide popular or basic education throughout that country.


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