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Introduction to the office

Profile: Fr. Jorge Eduardo

List of development contacts

Development Resources Office

This section is for the use of the Development Directors, Mission Office Directors, Mission Procurators and Jesuit NGO Directors and those with whom they collaborate. This website is the beginning of what we hope will become an expanded, secure, interactive site where the Development Officers of the worldwide Society can exchange information, share ideas, post their apostolic needs and pursue the best practices of ethical and successful fundraising. It certainly can be shared with the Provincials, Treasurers, etc., but due to the nature of the information that may be on it, it should not go beyond the those working in and for the Society of Jesus.

We hope that at some future point we can connect donors, directly to a “wish-list” for various ministries. That project will take some time, however.

At present, there is a link (on the left side of this page) to an introduction that explains how the Development Resources office began and the next steps we hope to take. You will also find a brief profile of Fr. Jorge Serrano Ordóñez SJ, which explains his background, both personally and professionally. Next, there is a link to the email address of each development contact, arranged by Conference.