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Those who work in the Curia

How the governance of the Society of Jesus in Rome is organized.

Father General Arturo Sosa

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Fr. General’s “General Counsellors”

An international group of 14 close collaborators

  • 9 of them are “Regional Assistants
  • 1 is Fr. General’s delegate for the International Jesuit Houses in Rome
  • 1 is counsellor for the formation of the Jesuits

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The Major Officials of the Curia


  • The Secretary and the Vice Secretary of the Society of Jesus
  • The General Treasurer (finances of the Society of Jesus)
  • The General Procurator (matters dealing with canon law)
  • The Postulator (beatification and canonization processes)

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Other officials in the Curia


  • Apostolic secretariats:
  • Service of Faith
    Collaboration with Others
    Social Justice and Ecology
    Higher Education
    Ecumenical and Inter-religious dialogue

      More about these secretariats

  • Services:
  • The Communication and Public Relations Office
    The Liturgical commission
    The Archives - ARSI
    The Library of the Curia
    The Development Resources Office
    FACSI (The Apostolic and Charitable Fund)

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  • International Works:
  • The Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS)
    The Worldwide Prayer's Network (AP)
    The Christian Life Community (CLC)

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