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Jesuit Guest Bureau

Beginning the 1st of August 2009, the Jesuits Guest Bureau office will be closed definitely.

Via dei Penitenzieri N° 16 C
00193 ROMA
Tel. (+39) 06.68977.478
Fax (+39) 06.68977.479

The Jesuit Guest Bureau (JGB) was established to provide assistance to Jesuits and their friends and families when they visit Rome. Primarily the bureau helps visitors to get tickets for papal audiences and ceremonies in the Vatican. The JGB also provides the information below that any visitor to Rome will find helpful.

The JGB is not a general-purpose travel agency nor can it help all visitors to Rome. The JGB exclusively assists Jesuits and their friends and families, so please explain your connection with the Society of Jesus when you ask for assistance. Requests that do not provide this information will not be answered. Requests that do not contain all necessary information such as dates and numbers of people involved cannot be helped.


Mrs. Francesca Caetani runs the Jesuit Guest Bureau.
Phone: (+39) 06.68977.478

Email: jesuitguestbureau-at-sjcuria.org
Please note: replace -at- with @ in your email software

(August closed)


The office is located on the ground floor of the Jesuit general headquarters close to St. Peter’s Square.


Where to stay
in Rome

The JGB does not arrange housing in Jesuit communities for Jesuits visiting Rome. The Collegio Bellarmino (Via del Seminario, 120, 00186 Roma) is the normal place for Jesuit visitors to stay in Rome. The JGB does not recommend any hotels but offers the following information about hotels near the Vatican and pensioni run by religious groups in Rome:

Mass in English

There is an English Mass at 11:00 AM Sundays at the Jesuit-supported Caravita Chapel, just to the left of Chiesa San Ignacio in the center of Rome. For more information, visit the website: www.caravita.org

Web Sites about Rome

The AbcRoma Guide (hotels and restaurants, museums)

An online booking service for hotels and other services

Romaclick- an online booking service for hotels

RomeEye has a variety of information

Rooms of Ignatius

The rooms where St. Ignatius wrote the Constitutions of the Society of Jesus and directed its early growth have been restored. They can be visited from 4 p.m. until 6 p.m.; they are open to the public during those hours. They are located at Piazza del Gesù; the entrance is just to the right of the church as you face it. Mass is celebrated every 45 minutes in the Gesù.


Many of the inquiries that people make of the JGB have to do with the Vatican

Information about the Vatican.

Borghese Gallery

The Borghese Gallery is a very nice museum and palazzo which is open on Tuesday through Sunday with entrance from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is also the only museum where you have to make a reservation ahead of time. The reason for this is the fact that only groups of 50 people at a time are admitted. You can either phone to: 001-39-06-32810 and, when a tape in Italian starts transmitting dial 2 for the English speaking operator, or try to fax to their number: 001-39-06-32651329.