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Di seguito una serie di articoli recenti resi disponibili al download in open access:

AHSI 2019 I

  • Jessica Dalton. The Politics of Conversion: Antonio Possevino SJ, Rome and the Conversion of the Family of the French Ambassador to Venice (1601–1607).  [articolo completo][abstract]
  • Yuval Givon. A Tale of Dynastic Change in China: The Ming-Qing Transition through Athanasius Kircher SJ’s China illustrata (1667).  [articolo completo][abstract]
  • António Vitor Ribeiro. Dreams, Visions and a Taoist-Christian ‘Saint’ in the Seventeenth-Century Jesuit Records of the China Mission.  [articolo completo][abstract]

AHSI 2018 II

  • David Aeby. Un antijésuitisme issu des missions d’Asie dans le diocèse de Lausanne: Les Lettres édifiantes et curieuses de l’abbé Pierre-François Favre (1746).  [articolo completo] [abstract]
  • Ana Carolina Hosne. In the Shadow of Cathay: A Survey of European Encounters in Discerning, Mapping, and Exploring Tibet during the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries. [articolo completo] [abstract]
  • Paul F. Grendler. An Historian’s Journey to Jesuit Education. [articolo completo]

AHSI 2018 I

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