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From September 2018, for preservation reasons the original Chinese printed books are not available for consultation. Researchers may access digital versions (partly available online – see the list below), and texts which have been published in facsimile.




For the Chinese books in the Jap.Sin. I-IV collection, see:
Albert Chan, Chinese Books and Documents in the Jesuit Archives in Rome:
A Descriptive Catalogue: Japonica-Sinica I-IV
, New York: M.E. Sharpe, 2002.

For additional information about this collection, with useful lists, see:
Ad Dudink, 'The Japonica-Sinica collections I-IV in the Roman Archives of the Society of Jesus:
An Overview', Monumenta Serica 50 (2002), pp. 481-536.

Some 100 texts of the collection have been published in a facsimile edition:
Nicolas Standaert 鐘鳴旦 & Ad Dudink 杜鼎克, Yesuhui Luoma dang'anguan MingQing tianzhujiao wenxian
Chinese Christian Texts from the Roman Archives of the Society of Jesus,
Taibei: Ricci Institute, 2002, 12 vols. ISBN 957-9390-16-9, in total 6786 pp.

Information about all the Christian sources from the Jap.Sin. collection can be found in the Chinese Christian Texts database (CCT-database):

Chinese Books digitalized



Archivum Romanum Societatis Iesu
Archivium habebit, in quo scripturas omnes Societati utiles asservabit, eo ordine dispositas, ut facile, cum opus erit, invenire possint
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