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The journal Archivum Historicum Societatis Iesu appears twice a year. The journal focuses on aspects of the history and culture of the Society of Jesus.


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Books on Jesuit history (documents, and studies) are published under the imprint Institutum Historicum Societatis Iesu – IHSI.

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Kilian Stumpf SJ - The Acta Pekinensia or Historical Records of the Maillard de Tournon Legation, Volume I December 1705-August 1706 - edited by Paul Rule and Claudia von Collani (Rome-Macau, 2015). For a description click here   Diego Lainez (1512-1565) and his Generalate: Jesuit with Jewish Roots, Close Confidant of Ignatius of Loyola, Preeminent Theologian of the Council of Trent - Paul Oberholzer S.J. ed. (Rome, 2015).

For a preview of the volume, see Table of Contents, Introduction by Paul Oberholzer, and Chapter by Lydia Salviucci Laínez e l’arte. All’origine della concezione dell’arte nella Compagnia di Gesù.

Publication 3   Publication 1
L'affaire Gagarine. La conversion du prince Gagarine au catholicisme: un drame familial, politique et religieux dans la Russie du XIX siècle - Mireille Chmelewsky, Paul Pierling SJ, Wiktoria Sliwowska (Rome, 2014). For a description click here   Chinese Voices in the Rites Controversy. Travelling Books, Community Networks, Intercultural Arguments - Nicolas Standaert (Rome, 2012). For a description click here


Archivum Romanum Societatis Iesu
Archivium habebit, in quo scripturas omnes Societati utiles asservabit, eo ordine dispositas, ut facile, cum opus erit, invenire possint
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